Time tracking for consultants

Track exact time with the push of a button
Add, edit, and delete time manually
Automatic billing reports generated of time worked
Email custom reports to clients for invoicing
Focus on consulting, not keeping time
Runs on OS X, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android
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Time tracking for consultants
Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting
Automatic time tracking for consultants

Automatic time tracking for consultants

Track precise time when working
The Hubstaff app makes it easy to track your exact time, so you can focus your energy on your consulting clients. Simply start the timer, begin working, and rest assured that you will have exact time recorded so you can invoice clients when a project is completed.
Simplify your time tracking
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Automatic timesheets for consultants

Always have to the minute timesheets
As you track time with Hubstaff, timesheets are automatically generated for you and stored online. You won't ever have to worry about writing time down and entering it manually later. The timesheets are flexible and you can add, edit, or delete time.
Automate your timesheets
Automatic timesheets for consultants
Hubstaff Tasks project management

Project management integrations

If you already use a project management site to help organize tasks, you can use Hubstaff to track time to those as well. See all integrations

Powerful and simple invoicing

Send invoices to your clients
Hubstaff's invoicing tool allows you to easily send invoices to your clients for work done. Automatically generate line items based on time tracked with Hubstaff and keep track of payments received.
invoicing software for consultants
consultant work notes

Optional project notes

Details of the work you're doing
Enter notes into the Hubstaff app while you work describing what you're doing. You can also enter notes in your account online. The notes can be included in the reports that are generated and made available for clients to view.

Randomized screenshots

If you wish to give clients an extra layer of transparency and confidence in your work, you can invite them to view screenshots of time worked along with activity levels. You can set the screenshots to be taken once, twice, or three times every ten minutes. You can also disable the screenshots. On the mobile apps, you can enable location monitoring to track your locations as you track time.
Quickbooks time tracking with screenshots

Easy Time Tracking for Consultants
Focus on Your Work While Hubstaff Tracks Time

Consultant time tracking software
Powerful time tracking
Hubstaff's smart time tracking is precise down to the minute spent working.
idle time consultants
Optional timeout
Hubstaff knows when you are inactive so you don't need to remember to stop time.
setting for manual time entries
Edit timesheets
Have complete control over your timesheets with add, edit, and delete options.

Automatic reports for clients

Customize and export or email reports of time worked
When you use Hubstaff to track your time worked, reports are built automatically. You can configure these reports and download them as PDF files or email them to clients. With Hubstaff reports, you'll always have organized, accurate records of the time you spend on each project.
Automate Your Time Tracking
Reports for consultants
Easy Time Tracking
Tracks time in the background
Easy to install and use
Lightweight and user friendly
Transparency and Accuracy
Precise timing of your work
Invite clients to view activity
Describe work through notes
Automatic Reports
Stay organized with less effort
Quick, accurate client invoicing
Secure cloud storage
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