Time Expense Tracking for Business

Time expense tracking for your business shouldn’t be a hassle. With Hubstaff, your entire team can benefit from precise and actionable data. Automated time and expense management software with leading payroll and invoicing integrations means fewer interruptions, streamlined management, and accurate payroll.    

Why invest in time and expense software? Tracking time and expenses is not just about monitoring where the minutes and money go — it's about optimizing performance, fostering transparency, and driving business success.

Time and expense tracking benefits are impressive: Time and expense tracking software enhances workforce management by providing a unified view of how employees allocate their time and resources. These insights lead to more efficient project planning and resource allocation. 

The role of workforce analytics: Hubstaff leverages data analysis to examine and optimize employee performance. This becomes a pivotal aspect of enhancing productivity, engagement, and overall organizational efficiency.

App features for tracking expenses

With Hubstaff, you can effortlessly adhere to your budget and reach your financial objectives with precision and clarity.

Our expense-tracking capabilities revolutionize financial management by offering a sophisticated tool that tracks every dollar spent and categorizes expenses for comprehensive analysis. 

Expense management

Hubstaff uses time tracking data to simplify expense management and bridge the gap between tracked time and billing. We offer easy-to-use expense management with digital receipt storage and expense reporting that connects tracked employee time to specific clients or projects.  

With expense reports, you can keep track of all business costs and invoice expense items, then mark them as paid once they’re complete. Plus, users can upload receipts, categorize project expenses, and connect them to projects for invoicing.  

On top of invoicing and receipt management, business owners and managers can use Hubstaff as an expense-tracking solution to monitor employee spending and set weekly budgets or time limits for teams. Then, they’ll receive alerts when projects go over budget to avoid budget creep.  

Time tracking

With Hubstaff, employees can easily track billable hours using the desktop app, mobile app, or web browser. Plus, we offer an easy-to-use Chrome extension

Time tracking has never been this easy — just start and stop the timer to track hours. If you forget to start or stop the timer, you can also add manual time entries.

Time tracking can significantly enhance productivity and operational efficiency by ensuring teams log their working hours. We also offer insightful data on time spent, pinpointing areas of inefficiency so you can refine project management practices and workloads.


Hubstaff’s employee timesheet software converts time tracking data to automate the approval and submission of timesheets. This reduces manual work, eliminates mistakes, and streamlines payroll processing.

Hubstaff’s system automates timesheet generation based on tracked time and productivity data, which means timesheets are always accurate. This detailed timesheet data can then be used to process payroll, invoice clients, and give you a clear picture of your costs with streamlined wage calculation. 

Customize your payroll for different pay structures (hourly, salary, etc.) and let our payroll system do the heavy lifting with automated approval workflows and payments. 


Payroll automation can save you countless hours of administrative work — trust us when we say your HR and finance teams will thank you.

Use PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, and Bitwage integrations to pay each team member on their preferred platform. You can send them out simultaneously from the Hubstaff app and pay international teams easily using multiple currency options.

Set up payroll once and then streamline almost everything. Add separate bill and pay rates for each team member of your business, then choose the payment frequency and payment method. Plus, you can always make manual payroll payments whenever you need to.

Integrations for tracking expenses

Power up time tracking and expense management workflows using 30+ integrations with tools like Deel, Jira, GitHub, Slack, and QuickBooks. Integrate with CRM tools, accounting software, and project management applications to keep your team on the same page. 

Linking your tools together ensures that every minute is accounted for, reducing the likelihood of manual entry errors and providing a comprehensive view of workloads. 

Don’t see a specific software option on our list? You can also connect Hubstaff with almost any app using Zapier. 

Time expense tracking with workforce management

At Hubstaff, we pride ourselves in offering an all-in-one workforce management solution that seamlessly integrates time tracking software, expense management, and workforce planning into one powerful tool.  

Using the Insights add-on, managers can access real-time workplace Insights to improve staffing decisions, fight burnout, and efficiently manage their section work and meeting time.

Our goal is to enable managers to do much more than just manage their team’s time and expenses. With Hubstaff, you can simplify the complexities of modern business operations, enabling you to streamline processes and boost productivity. Using workforce management Insights, invoicing, and time and expense reporting, you can enable your team to have their most productive day at work every day. 

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