Created for those who dream bigger

With so many responsibilities demanding your attention, it’s hard to prioritize and focus on what matters.

Some project management tools seem to just complicate the process, adding unnecessary structure or clunky features that hold you back.
And then there’s Hubstaff Tasks.

The project management tool that manages itself

With built-in Agile features including sprints, visual project boards, and detailed tasks, Hubstaff Tasks is a streamlined project management system that won’t slow you down.
Why Agile work is the future

Here at Hubstaff, we’ve relied on Agile principles to reach our revenue and growth goals as a remote team for years. And we’re only one example.

Adam Ruhland
Hubstaff Marketing Team
These premier brands rely on Agile methodology
Agile continues to grow in popularity
Almost three-quarters of organizations report using Agile approaches sometimes, often, or always.
76% of businesses surveyed believe that Agile projects will outnumber Waterfall by 2020.
Our Agile values
We created Hubstaff Tasks so teams can focus on the right work at the right time.
Over 60 remote team members
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Representing 18 countries
United by GIFs and remote work
Started in 2012
From a need to work better
34,000 business customers
And counting
Made by a fast-paced team, for fast-paced teams
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