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2020 State of

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construction business growth stats


2019 was a solid year for construction, with 70% of contractors surveyed reporting at least 10% growth.

But what does the future hold? To better understand the state of construction and how companies can be prepared for a changing landscape, we surveyed over 500 business owners about their biggest hurdles and future plans.

construction business growth stats

And what we found is that there are challenges ahead.

The number of new projects is declining and skilled labor is getting harder to find. Technology is being used more and will continue to make things easier for companies that embrace it.

Competition for skilled crews will be tight. Construction companies that stay on top will need to find and manage workers efficiently. At the same time, adding digital tools to help run their businesses easily and boost productivity will give them an advantage over their competition.

construction challenges
From the Field: 2020 State of Construction Report

The biggest challenges revolve around time and teams

This chart shows the percentage of respondents who said they're facing each challenge. For example, 45% of respondents struggle with finding and retaining dependable team members.

These are the most common challenges based on the survey results.

From the Field: 2020 State of Construction Report

Managers are spending valuable time on activities that could be automated

56% of owners and managers spend an average of 11 hours each week traveling between job sites to check on their crews. 38% of contractors spend more than five hours each week on scheduling alone.

construction business growth stats
From the Field: 2020 State of Construction Report

The most common way to monitor crews is by showing up in person

50% of contractors drive from location to location to check in on employees.

After that, the most common methods are:

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