time tracking software for attorneys

Time tracking software for lawyers and law firms

Manage your time tracking, client billing, invoices, and more all in one platform.

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easily track attorneys time and bill

Easy time and billing for lawyers

Attorneys can track cases by client, making billing and invoicing simple. Hubstaff allows you to track billable hours and uses them for integrated billing and payroll. Ultimately freeing up more time so you can focus on your work.

better cost accounting for lawyers

Better cost accounting for smarter estimates

Hubstaff makes it easy for law firms to review accurate reports on everything from team members' hours to total project budget costs. Use this data to better serve your clients by allocating resources and creating more accurate estimates.

lawyers can track time from any device

Time tracking that goes with you

Whether you’re visiting clients, in court, or traveling on your client's behalf, Hubstaff’s mobile apps allow you to easily track time on your mobile device.

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time cards for attorneys

Daily time cards sent to your inbox

With Hubstaff timekeeping software for law firms, you’ll get time cards emailed to you every day so you can get updates on where time is being spent.

invoicing and time tracking for lawyers

Dedicate more time to client work

Hubstaff allows you to spend less time dealing with administrative tasks like payroll, invoicing, time tracking, and more time with your clients.

automatic timesheets for lawyers

Detailed timesheets for attorneys

Hubstaff’s online timesheets make it easy to capture accurate, detailed timesheets that clients appreciate. There’s no question about what anyone worked on.

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With the data from Hubstaff, we have been able to dive deeper into labor cost analysis.

Hubstaff gives you:

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Time tracking

Keep track of time spent with your clients right down to the minute.

GPS time tracking

Visiting clients on the go? Our GPS features let you see who you've visited.

Simple invoices

Invoice your clients depending on your hourly rate and the amount of time tracked.

Budget limits

Set limits so that you never exceed a client's budget.

Track productivity

Track your productivity with features like screenshots, activity levels, and more.

Simple reporting

Email reports directly to your clients or export them to PDF.

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