Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Smarter accounting with Quickbooks time tracking

Track time, get detailed timesheets, automate payroll, and streamline your accounting with Hubstaff’s Quickbooks integration.
Integrate Quickbooks with Hubstaff
quickbooks time tracking integration

Custom integrations available for the software you use

For Quickbooks Online For Quickbooks Desktop

Time tracking for QuickBooks Online

Link your Quickbooks Online account with Hubstaff and make a seamless connection for smarter accounting. Time tracked using Hubstaff’s Mac, Windows and Linux desktop apps, plus the mobile or web versions, is automatically sent to Quickbooks Online every hour.
track time to quickbooks
detailed Quickbooks timesheets

Detailed timesheets for Quickbooks Desktop

Hubstaff makes it easy for your team members to track time when they are working for different clients and on different tasks. Get detailed timesheets through the Hubstaff dashboard or export for Quickbooks (.IIF file).

An accurate picture of work in progress

Hubstaff lets you see activity levels and capture optional screenshots so you can see work as it unfolds and remove roadblocks.
quickbooks work in progress

Unite time and accounting with Hubstaff and Quickbooks

One-time setup

Easy to integrate
Connect your accounts once, and you’re ready to automatically send time or export as the right Quickbooks (.IIF) file.
easy integration

Activity monitoring

Apps and URL tracking
See which apps and sites your team members use while tracking time. Available as a detailed report or in the Hubstaff dashboard.
activity tracking in quickbooks

Automatic syncing

Continuous updates
Get time sent automatically every hour to Quickbooks Online so you stay up-to-date and can make adjustments accordingly.
automatic sync
reporting features

Dig into reporting from either app

There’s so much to look into with Hubstaff reporting, including: hours worked, activity rates, apps used, projects and clients, time off balances, location, and payments, to name a few.

On-time payments with clear records

Set hourly or fixed rates for each person on your team to speed up payments. Add a payment integration or export amounts and pay however you’d like. It’s all stored in Hubstaff and Quickbooks.
easily set pay rates for team members

One app with all the time-saving features you need

Timesheet approvals

Timesheet approvals

Review and approve timesheets at the end of each period.

GPS location

GPS location

Optional location tracking for field and mobile teams.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

View reports and track time from iOS and Android devices.

Accurate time tracking

Accurate time tracking

Bill clients and pay your team only for time worked.
Per-user settings

Per-user settings

Customize features for each person.

Custom reports

Custom reports

Customize and save filters, and get reports automatically sent to you.
invoicing features

Generate client invoices in minutes

Speed up the time it takes to send invoices by auto-populating items in Hubstaff. Choose the timeframe, team members, and projects, and you’ll have a detailed invoice ready to go.

Better job costing for your business

With more of your business software working together, it’s easier to analyze budgets, create better estimates, and allocate resources. Keep an eye on costs with Hubstaff and Quickbooks.
project budgets

Faster, smarter, better

Integrate Hubstaff and Quickbooks for easier business management.
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