productivity benchmarks report

Productivity Benchmarks Report 2020

How can you foster a culture of productivity in your organization? How productive is your team compared to the average? We created this report to find out.

Using Hubstaff data, we compiled statistics on productivity, completed projects, schedules, and more.

When are people most productive?

To find out, we dug into our activity rates metric. These percentages are based on keyboard and mouse usage every ten minutes.

For comparison, the average activity rate for all customers in 2019 was 49.6%.

Comparing against these benchmarks, you might decide to adjust schedules or offer more flexibility so that your team is working at their most productive times. Meetings should be avoided during hours of high productivity.

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What are the most productive hours of the day?

Productivity can also vary by time of day.

Here, we looked at activity rates by the hour to discover the most productive times for work.

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When are the most tasks completed?

Everyone has their own productive streak. But when exactly are the majority of projects wrapped up?

Using this benchmark, you can set deadlines for the day that the most tasks are completed. If you work in sprints, you might adjust your sprint start date. Set your check-in reminders for days that have low numbers so you can see if projects are still on track.

When do teams in your industry finish the most tasks?

How often are shifts started and ended on time?

Turns out, not often.

We wanted to see how many shifts are started late, left early, or missed completely. Out of all the scheduled shifts in Hubstaff, here’s what we found.

From this benchmark, you might determine your team is actually pretty good at being on-time. If there’s a noticeable difference between these shifts percentages and your own, you might consider a better system for scheduling.

How on-time are teams like yours?

How does your company compare?

Now that you have a productivity baseline, it’s time to see how above-average your organization really is. And, where you can improve.

Using a tool like Hubstaff can give you actual productivity metrics, including activity rates, hours breakdowns by team members and projects, comparisons of amounts spent vs. billed, and more.

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