Podio Time Tracking App

  • Track time to your Podio tasks
  • Know what your team is working on
  • View activity levels during time worked
  • Automatic and customizable reports
Integrate Podio with Hubstaff time tracker
Time Tracking
Activity Levels
Employee Payments
podio time tracking
Podio Integration
Advanced Reporting
Manual Time
Dedicated Support

Automatic Podio time tracking

Podio time tracking app for desktop devices

Hubstaff was made to quickly integrate with Podio so exact time spent working on tasks could be tracked without disturbing the worker. It can be installed on Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems.

Integrate Podio with Hubstaff Now
podio time tracker app
Easy and Fast Setup
  • Select Podio Integration
  • Authorize App
  • Connect projects and users
View Tasks in the App
  • Link your projects
  • Pull down Podio project tasks
  • View tasks in user's app
Task Time Tracking
  • Track exact time worked
  • Screenshots with acivity levels
  • Full, customizable reports
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podio time tracking with screenshots

Track time against Podio tasks with randomized screenshots

The Hubstaff and Podio integration allows you to get a complete view of how long your team spends on Podio tasks and what they are doing during that time. Set 1, 2, or 3 random screenshots to be taken every 10 minutes and see how active your team is. They can download and run Hubstaff on Linux, OSX, and Windows OS.

Automatic Updates

Your team stays updated through oAuth Authorization

During the integration setup, you will authorize Hubstaff to connect with your Podio account. After doing that, your linked projects and users will remain synced and always have access to their assigned tasks in the Hubstaff app.

Hubstaff and podio oAuth

Podio Task Notes

Detailed Work Notes

Your team can add work notes to projects and tasks they are working on through Hubstaff's app or from their account. You will be able to view these work notes in the reporting section in Hubstaff.

podio work notes

Automatic Time Tracking for Podio Tasks
Screenshots, Activity Levels, Automatic Reports, and Timesheets

podio task time tracking
Podio task time tracking
Track precise time against any Podio task you're assigned to with Hubstaff.
podio project mapping
Easily Link Users
Connect your users in your Hubstaff account and they'll be ready to go.
setting for manual time entries
Flexible Timesheets
Give your team the ability to add or remove time manually if they need to.
Hubstaff and Podio testimonial

Sarah Eynon

Hubstaff and Podio testimonial

Employees have become more effective & project turnaround is faster now at Center City Print, thanks to the Hubstaff-Podio integration.

Podio Reports

Hubstaff automatically generates detailed reports

When your team uses the Hubstaff app to track their time on Podio tasks, all the information is recorded so you can have accurate records and refer back to them at any time. Reports can be filtered based on project or user and can be downloaded, exported, or emailed.

time reporting for podio
podio hubstaff integration

Podio provides a powerful way to manage projects and Hubstaff makes tracking time and keeping records painless. Integrate the two services together for an extremely effective way to manage your remote teams.

Integrate Podio with Hubstaff NowGet Started (Free for 14 Days)