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Mavenlink time tracking made easy

  • Track time spent on Mavenlink tasks with Hubstaff
  • Increase your team's productivity levels
  • Find out which workers are the most effective
Integrate Mavenlink with Hubstaff
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Mavenlink task time tracking

Desktop app for tracking time on Mavenlink Tasks

The Hubstaff app was built to track the time your team spends on individual Mavenlink tasks. It can be installed on Linux, Windows, and Macs.

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mavenlink htime tracker app
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  • Select Mavenlink integration
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  • Link Projects and Users
Mavenlink + Hubstaff
  • Link each Mavenlink project
  • Connect your users
  • Users see tasks in the app
Mavenlink time tracking
  • Track time worked on tasks
  • See screenshots of work done
  • Users can add work notes
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mavenlink time tracking with screenshots

Activity levels, screenshots, and time tracking for Mavenlink tasks

After integrating Hubstaff and Mavenlink, you can easily manage remote teams with screenshots and activity levels of the time they spend working on Mavenlink tasks. The app won't disturb your team as it runs quietly in the background on all major desktop operating systems.

Mavenlink oAuth authorization

Automatic updates through oAuth
Once you approve the Hubstaff app in your Mavenlink account, the projects and users that you sync will remain linked and update automatically. Assign a new task in Mavenlink, and the linked Hubstaff user will see it in their app.
Hubstaff and mavenlink oAuth
mavenlink work notes

Mavenlink task work notes

Add optional work notes
When your team is tracking their time in Hubstaff, they can add optional work notes, either through the app or in their account online. These work notes will show up next to the task they were working on in the Hubstaff reports section.

Mavenlink task time tracking
Screenshots, activity levels, and reporting

task time tracking
Mavenlink time tracking
Link Mavenlink and Hubstaff projects to track exact time worked on tasks.
mavenlink project mapping
Sync projects and users
When Mavenlink users are synced, they'll see their assigned tasks in Hubstaff.
setting for manual time entries
Modify time worked
Allow your team to add time manually if they are not using the app to track time.

Automatic online reports

Reports of time worked are automatically generated
All the time your team tracks on their Mavenlink tasks is recorded and organized in Hubstaff's reports section. There, you can filter by date, user, or project, see activity levels, notes, and time spent working, and even download or email the reports.
time reporting for mavenlink
mavenlink hubstaff integration

Hubstaff + Mavenlink

Integrate your Mavenlink project management with Hubstaff time tracking and have an effective, automated way to manage your remote teams.
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