real estate teams stay on track

How real estate teams stay on track

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Detailed timesheets

Detailed timesheets for your team

Get accurate timesheets that you can review and approve right from your dashboard. Hubstaff’s time tracking apps are simple to use and can auto-generate timesheets with built-in productivity data.

Streamlined payroll

Streamlined payroll for property managers everywhere

Pay your real estate team quickly based on hours worked and set pay rates. Simplify things even more by adding a payment integration to automate payroll.

prioritize tasks and projects

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Easily track and prioritize tasks and projects

Built-in productivity measurement means fewer opportunities to drop the ball. Get activity rates, see apps and URLs used, and view optional screenshots captured while tracking time. All of these features are customizable and can be modified on a per-user basis.

Hubstaff time tracking for Real Estate agents
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Organized and simple scheduling

Organized and simple scheduling

Manage virtual assistant and team member schedules with an easy-to-use calendar. Schedule one-time or recurring shifts and get alerts when they are started late, missed, or left early.

GPS tracking features

Add GPS tracking features with Hubstaff Field

If you have teams traveling to properties or mobile cleaning or staging teams, try Hubstaff Field. You can track GPS locations along with work hours, set up Job sites for your properties, and even auto-start and stop the timer based on location.

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Hubstaff makes it easier to manage real estate teams

  • apps and urls tacking
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Peter Ng

Hubstaff saves countless hours of time by eliminating manual timesheets.

Time tracking and so much more

Simple payroll

Track time. Send invoices. Pay teams. Done.

Track time off

Set up time off policies for your team. View and approve requests, and see available balances.

Easy invoices

Send client invoices based on time tracked and bill rates.

Proof of work

Make sure the right work is getting done with optional screen capture once, twice or three times per ten minutes.

Timesheet approvals

Review, approve or reject timesheets right in Hubstaff so you can pay your team directly or export files

Simple scheduling

Manage your team's shifts and schedule work hours.

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