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Janitorial Time Tracking and Scheduling software

Automatic timesheets, accurate down to the minute

Know where your crew is with GPS tracking

Simple scheduling for your whole team

Available as an easy to use mobile app

Simplify your cleaning crew scheduling and shift management with Hubstaff

janitorial time tracking app

Start the timer as soon as you start working

Make time tracking simple for your cleaning crew. Your team can download the Hubstaff iOS or Android janitorial time clock app, and track time from any client site.

Eliminate manual time cards

Wondering how long a job really takes? Hubstaff's accurate timer and reports give you a clear picture so you can better estimate and plan for jobs in the future.
automatic time cards
track your crew's location

See where your crew is in real time

Hubstaff offers GPS location tracking so you can see which clients require more time and where crew members are at any time.

Our GPS location tracking is accurate up to 20 meters.

Daily time cards emailed right to you

Self-reporting or sending in hours after the fact is now a thing of the past. We'll send you automated time cards from your cleaning crew at the end of each day, so you can track progress and weekly hours.
accurate time cards

Better business software for cleaning crews
Features built for janitorial service companies

Streamlined timesheets

No need to track down hours from your team. It's all in Hubstaff.

Shift scheduling

Manage your crew's shifts and schedule work hours.

Send invoices based on hours

Track time, project costs, and budgets in one place.
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Mobile apps for time tracking

Available as an app for iOS and Android devices.
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Payroll-friendly exporting

Download timesheets as CSV or PDF files to make payroll that much easier.

Timesheet approvals

Review, approve, or reject timesheets.
No more scheduling snafus. Just a simple way to keep track of client jobs and cleaning crews.

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Juan Chaparro

"We love Hubstaff because it helps us save time on accounting, made our staff more productive and cuts down on inefficiency at work. The team loves using the app, too!"


Customer support, at your service

Available 24/7
Our customer support team is always a few clicks away. Send us an email or open a ticket, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.
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24/7 Customer support
30 Min average response time

Deliver a better client experience by saving time with Hubstaff
For cleaning companies, the benefits of Hubstaff go beyond time and scheduling

Dedicate more time to clients

By simplifying timesheets and scheduling, you can spend more time working with clients and booking new ones.
accurate timesheets for cleaning crews
improve processes in your business

A different kind of waste removal

Reduce inefficiency and improve processes to save your business time and money.

Simplify your payroll

No more worrying if time cards are correct. Hubstaff generates timesheets automatically so you can download and pay your team in a snap.
simple payroll for cleaning crew members
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