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janitorial time tracking
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Janitorial Time Tracking and Scheduling software

One click to clock in and out

Track your cleaning crew’s time spent at each client location. No matter what device they’re using, you’ll be able to keep track of your crew’s time cards.

How cleaning teams grow with Hubstaff

Watch how cleaning crews automate and streamline operations.
automatic reports

Clean reporting for clear results

Get a high-level view of projects, budgets, and locations so you can improve operations and keep clients happy.

Keep tabs on your crew

Create job sites and geofences so you can better track mobile teams’ locations. With Hubstaff’s GPS time clock app, you’ll get a better understanding of how much time is spent at each site.
Available for
gps tracking for cleaning services
accurate time cards for janitorial teams
Throw out your paper timesheets
Hubstaff automatically sends you an accurate digital timesheet for your crew each day so you can better manage your cleaning business.
Simple crew scheduling
Easily create schedules and get automatic alerts if they’re started late, missed, or abandoned.
Simple crew scheduling
Geofencing for janitorial companies

Mobile time tracking for cleaning services

Hubstaff’s mobile apps allow you to manage your cleaning crew from your own smartphone. Employees simply download the app and start tracking time while you get updates on hours, locations, pay, and more.

GPS tracking

Our location-based features relieve the stress of having a staff miss an appointment. Keep tabs as they move in between clients.

Weekly limits

Set weekly hours limits for your crew and get automatic alerts so that unexpected overtime is a thing of the past.


Set a virtual perimeter around each job site so that time tracking automatically starts or stops when a cleaner enters and leaves that site.

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Once I realized I could pay employees based off the accurate time worked, I was sold.
Brad Edward
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Automated payroll

Automate payroll depending on pay rate and hours tracked.
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GPS time tracking

Keep track of your cleaners while they are visiting clients.
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Simple invoices

Send invoices to your clients based on the amount of time tracked.
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Job site budgeting

Easily track budgets and costs for each cleaning client.
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Timesheet approvals

Approve or reject timesheets submitted by your cleaning crew.
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Easy scheduling

Book your crew's shifts and manage attendance easily.
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