Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

GitLab Time Tracking

  • Exact time tracking for GitLab issues
  • View due dates and close issues
  • Random screenshots and activity levels
  • Automatic and manual payroll options
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Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting

GitLab issue time tracking application

Simple but powerful desktop software
The Hubstaff app allows your team to view their GitLab issues and track the time they spend working on them. When they're done working on an issue, they can close the issue from the app. The time logged will be posted to GitLab and they can move on to the next issue.
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gitlab time tracker app
Connect Your Accounts
  • Select GitLab integration
  • Authorize Hubstaff
  • Link your projects and team
Streamlined Time Tracking
  • Track time on issues
  • View issue descriptions
  • Close issues and log time
Timesheets and Payments
  • Accurate, automatic timesheets
  • Several payment options
  • Customize and filter reports
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gitlab time tracking with screenshots

Random screenshots and activity levels

Hubstaff's automatic screenshots and activity percentages allow you to really see what your team is doing when they are working on GitLab issues. Your team can install the Hubstaff app on Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop operating systems.

Automatically pull down new issues

When you integrate GitLab with Hubstaff, you'll be asked to authorize your account. After the authorization, whenever you add new issues on GitLab, they will sync with Hubstaff so your team is always connected and able to track time for the work they are doing.
Hubstaff and gitlab oAuth

Powerful GitLab Issue Time Tracking Features

gitlab time tracking
View All Issues
Your team will see all their assigned GitLab issues in the Hubstaff app.
gitlab time entry
Log Time Entries
When you close an issue, the time is automatically posted to GitLab in a comment.
setting for manual time entries
Time Tracking Settings
Screenshot frequency, screenshot blur, activity levels, manual time, and more.

GitLab issue reports

Easy to access and securely stored records
Not only does Hubstaff eliminate the tedious task of manual timesheets, it stores all your data and allows you to filter and customize it how you need. You'll always be able to refer back to how much time was spent on GitLab issues. The reports can be exported to Quickbooks, downloaded as a PDF, or emailed.
time reporting for gitlab
gitlab hubstaff integration

Hubstaff + GitLab

If your team is using GitLab for repository management and issue tracking, you can seriously increase productivity with Hubstaff. You'll know how much time is spent on issues and have a clear picture of the work being done. Add in the automatic reports and payroll options and you have a complete solution for your workflow.
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