Hubstaff time tracking features

A simple screenshot-based time tracker for proof of work

Hubstaff’s time tracking software with screenshots also has activity tracking that helps you better understand how your team members work. These insights allow you to improve project management and boost team productivity.

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Why use Hubstaff for time tracking with screenshots

Erase distractions and improve team management

Increasing employee productivity is easy when you know what's stopping your team members from focusing. See where team members get distracted and spot potential problems early on by glancing at optional screenshots. This is especially useful for remote teams.

Proof of work for employees

Time tracking functionality enables team members to show proof of work and ensures transparency. They can delete or blur screenshots and will be notified automatically when screenshots are taken.

Manage workloads in real-time

With screenshot activity, managers can see who’s working too many extra hours and who’s available to take on more tasks.

How the Hubstaff time tracker with screenshots helps your team work smarter

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How to use time tracker with screenshots for your business

  1. Step 1

    Create an account with Hubstaff and invite your team of freelancers or remote employees to download the Mac, Windows, or Linux app.

  2. Step 2

    Enable or disable the screen capturing feature for team members and decide on the frequency of screenshots.

  3. Step 3

    Once the team starts tracking time, use time tracking data and screenshots to understand where they get distracted or stuck to help boost everyone’s productivity.

Additional Hubstaff features

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View, approve, or reject timesheets after team members submit them. Use screen monitoring to verify employee time and identify patterns.


Using time tracking data with screenshots, you can establish internal transparency and increase profit by not paying for unaccounted hours.


Create automatic invoices for clients in a few simple clicks. Use screenshot monitoring to ensure all hours on the invoice were billable and productive time.

Idle time detection

Hubstaff will remind team members to track time when inactivity is detected.

Activity rates

See how productive team members are by calculating mouse movements and keystrokes.

URL tracking

See what URLs and apps team members use while working so you can streamline productivity and improve their workflow.

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