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Automate team management with Hubstaff Desk

Bring out the best in your remote team with proof of work and productivity tools that keep everyone on track.

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It’s like adding a virtual supervisor to your team

Hubstaff Desk keeps you up-to-date on how team members are performing and shows you ways to improve productivity.

Hubstaff Desk dashboard

Gain insights that fuel growth

Spot opportunities to help your team work smarter with detailed reporting.

Optimize team efficiency

Understand how much time team members spend on different projects so that you can assign the right tasks to the right people.

Reduce wasted time (and money)

Set an hourly rate for each team member to see what type of work is helping or hurting your bottom line. Know exactly how much time is spent on any task.
Hubstaff Desk productivity features

Help everyone reach their full potential

Bust through productivity barriers with proof of work screenshots and activity level reports.

Train your team faster

Spot where new hires are making mistakes so you can help them learn on the job. Then give them time benchmarks for specific tasks so they stay focused and productive.

Catch problems early

Design errors. Coding oversights. Or simply spending too much time in a certain app. Hubstaff Desk can help you catch these small problems so that they don’t become big problems later on.

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automate team management with Hubstaff Desk

Automate the most tedious tasks

Ditch the busy work with automated payroll, timesheets, and more.

Easier invoices

Generate detailed client invoices in a snap. Export your preferred file format or send directly through Hubstaff Desk.

No more check-ins

See what your team is working on and get real-time updates without having to ask for status reports constantly.
Justin Mitchell / CEO at Yac

We can better predict, down to the minute, how long tasks should take, therefore making better informed decisions.

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