Are you feeling overwhelmed as a leader? Try refreshing your skills with a leadership course.

No matter your leadership experience level, you should never stop learning new skills and finding ways to improve. So good on you for taking the initiative to be a better leader by exploring leadership courses.

The more you read, the more things you shall know. The more that you learn, the more places you shall go. – Dr. Seuss

To help inspire continuous learning, here are four leadership courses I’ve curated for you.

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What are the best leadership courses?

After chatting with several institutions and students, these are my top picks in no particular order.

1 – Leadership courses by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky 

Course details 

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Certification: No certification.
  • Duration: About 20 hours. 
  • Cost: $99.

How to get started: Click here.

Content and curriculum 

Course objectives

Learn the decision-making tricks of Fortune 500 leaders. This course will delve into some helpful leadership techniques deeply rooted in the principles of behavioral science research. It’s all about leveling up your leadership game for business success.

What you’ll learn

The short courses are packed with invaluable insights drawn directly from the playbook of Fortune 500 industry leaders. You’ll immerse yourself in several real-world case studies and examples featuring prominent giants like IBM, Honda, Wells Fargo, and many others.

Guiding you through this transformative experience is Dr. Gleb Tsipursky – a seasoned expert, blending rich real-world expertise honed in the Fortune 500 arena with a profound academic foundation as a behavioral scientist. The course is a treasure trove of actionable skills and techniques you can seamlessly apply to any profession.

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky Leadership courses

In the course, you’ll learn techniques for different decision-making scenarios like:

  • Quick daily decisions
  • Major one-time decisions
  • Complex decisions with multiple options
  • Implementing decisions successfully
  • Strategic planning

Dr. Gleb also delves into the psychology of cognitive biases to equip you with invaluable skills for sound decision-making.

Assessment, network, and support

Throughout the course, you’ll find a range of engaging exercises and assessments designed to help you put the concepts you’ve learned into practice. Dr. Gleb is readily available to offer support via email, and he generously shares information about additional learning resources and courses to support your ongoing growth and development.

Reviews and testimonials

With case studies based on the world’s top global companies, this course is truly indispensable for any aspiring leader. With Dr. Gleb’s expertise, you’ll have the power to confer a distinct competitive edge and pave the way for remarkable business success.

“I took part in the course “Coaching the Analytical Mind” of Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. It was a great learning experience and I can apply a lot of the concepts and thinking in my coaching practice and leadership programs that our organization, FLY Consult, performs for a number of clients. I and we focus strongly on helping people to make mindful and effective decisions. This program has deepened and broadened my knowledge and insight in an excellent way. Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is clearly at the edge of this field of science and practice. I can recommend the program strongly.”

Leon Vliegen, Owner, FLY Consult

Leon Vliegen, Leadership courses

2 – Berkley High impact leadership

Course details

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Certification: You’ll receive a certification upon completion of the course.
  • Duration: Three days in person or online (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific).
  • Cost: $5,545 (on-site) or $4,250 (online)
  • Save 20% if you enroll as a group (5+)

How to get started: Solo Registration | Group Registration

Content and curriculum

Course objectives

The course begins with the power of storytelling, helping you connect with your team. You will build a foundation of strong leadership and communication skills for lasting business relationships that drive your professional success.

Hone in on your expression and establish your authentic voice, presence, and talents as a leader who leaves a lasting impression. Learn how to sharpen your leadership skills with help from world-class theater techniques, role-playing, and individual coaching.

What you’ll learn

Mark-Rittenberg, Doy-Charnsupharindr, and Susan-Houlihan are a few of the course facilitators.

Many of the faculty teaching in the High Impact Leadership program also belong to this collective of professional and university Berkeley faculty.

Here are some key takeaways from the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute:

  • Improved communication delivery
  • Storytelling exercises to connect with your audience
  • Identification and strengthening of your communication weaknesses
  • Tips for meaningful relationships and partnerships
  • Clear knowledge of your own unique leadership presence
Assessment, network, and support

You’ll be assessed on coaching, performance in group exercises, and growth in presentation skills. There is no testing involved. The faculty and coaches are involved in every student’s growth during the program and are willing to coordinate additional support as needed. 

Reviews and testimonials

“This program focused on the human aspect of leadership and how important it is to make connections and lead through empathy. The skills I learned, the stories I heard, and the people I grew with during this course will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

– Engineering Manager, Google

“Through this program, I learned tactically how to enhance my presence in those moments where I previously would have frozen or not known what to do. I expected to learn but not to take away such specific abilities!”

– Senior Strategy Consultant, Southwest Airlines

“The program provided a wealth of valuable content, but this was only 10% of the huge value delivered. The rest came from the people – both the extraordinary team of faculty and the incredible participants – both temporary colleagues and now new friends who created a deep community in 72 hours. What an experience!”

– Executive Manager of Strategic Marketing and Fundraising, MS Plus Ltd

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3 – Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization, University of Illinois via Coursera 

This course was recommended by Lisa Richards, CEO and Creator of the Candida Diet, a small business specializing in helping individuals beat their candida overgrowth and restore their health through a low-sugar, anti-inflammatory diet.

Lisa Richards

Course details 

  • Prerequisites: None. 
  • Certification: The course is ce­rtified by the University of Illinois.
  • Duration: Four to six months.
  • Cost: Free.

How to get started: Enroll here.

Content and curriculum 

Course objectives

“I had the opportunity to comple­te the ‘Leade­rship, Organizational Culture, and Change’ specialization offered by the University of Illinois on Course­ra. This course offered invaluable­ knowledge on leade­rship and how it influences organizational dynamics.”

Lisa Richards, the CEO and Creator of the Candida Diet

What you’ll learn

“The course explores various leadership theories and organizational culture­, as well as the effe­ctive implementation of change­. We explored various aspects of leadership, such as different leadership style­s, organizational culture, managing change, and leading in diverse global environments. It thoroughly examines essential principle­s of effective leadership,” says Richards.

The course is a seven-part series that covers the following:

  1. Developing as a leader and leading teams
  2. Building effective team cultures
  3. Designing the organization 
  4. Managing the organization
  5. Business strategy
  6. Corporate strategy
  7. Strategic leadership and management

“Throughout the course, we explored practical case studies and real-life scenarios. These examples effectively illustrated how these concepts are applied in different situations, enhancing my understanding. Our instructors were highly skilled professionals with experience in academia and leadership consulting. They brought valuable practical expe­riences to the table­, ensuring that the content was both re­levant and insightful,” says Richards.

Assessment, network, and support:

“The evaluation of students’ unde­rstanding included quizzes, assignments, and proje­cts that were revie­wed by peers. The course provided chances to connect with other students, creating valuable networking opportunities. In addition, a support system was in place through forums and teaching assistants, offering assistance when needed. Eve­n after completing a course, Course­ra allows access to all the course mate­rials, fostering ongoing learning and personal de­velopment,” says Richards

Reviews and testimonials

“The course equippe­d me with practical leadership abilitie­s, such as clear and efficient communication, re­solving conflicts effectively, and making strate­gic decisions. I was able to immediately implement these skills in my business. I found the course to be incredibly informative and practical. It offered a strong basis in leadership principles and unde­rstanding organizational culture. Leade­rs in any field can greatly bene­fit from this course as it provides esse­ntial knowledge and skills for effe­ctive leadership and unde­rstanding organizational dynamics. Navigating the complexities of mode­rn businesses becomes much easier with the insights gaine­d from this course.”

– Lisa Richards, CEO and Creator of the Candida Diet

4 – HSB online leadership courses

Course details 

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Certification: You will get a certificate of completion.
  • Duration: six to seven weeks. 
  • Cost: $1,750

How to get started: Apply directly through the website. Choose from:

  1. Online Leadership Principles Course
  2. Organizational Leadership Course | HBS Online

Content and curriculum

The main objective of the Organizational Leadership course is to equip experienced team leaders and aspiring executives with the skills, strategies, and tools needed to lead and guide organizations effectively. 

The main objective of the Leadership Principles course is to help individuals become effective leaders capable of unleashing the potential of others and cultivating high-performing teams. The course focuses on building self-awareness and enhancing leadership versatility through self-assessments, 360° feedback from colleagues, and insights from fellow learners. 

Course objectives:

Organization Leadership Course:

The main objective of the Organizational Leadership course is to equip experienced team leaders and aspiring executives with the skills, strategies, and tools needed to lead and guide organizations effectively.

The Leadership Principles Course:

The main objective is to help individuals become effective leaders capable of unleashing the potential of others and cultivating high-performing teams. The course focuses on building self-awareness and enhancing leadership versatility through:

  • Self-assessments
  • 360° feedback from colleagues
  • Insights from fellow learners
What you’ll learn:

Organization Leadership Course:

  • How to develop a deep understanding of leadership principles
  • How to set a clear direction
  • Effective communication
  • Methods to drive value creation 
  • Ways to manage change
  • How to foster innovation
  • Personal leadership challenges and how to navigate them

Ultimately, the course prepares participants to take on expanded leadership responsibilities and lead their organizations more effectively.

The Leadership Principles Course:

  • Understanding the nuances of leadership
  • Leading teams effectively
  • Motivating and equipping teams
  • Building professional networks
  • Managing stress

Participants also learn from interviews with industry leaders and engage in exercises like recording reactions to leadership scenarios, giving feedback, and creating professional network diagrams. The course aims to equip individuals with the skills needed to address diverse leadership challenges authentically and capably. Successful completion of all modules is required to earn a Certificate of Completion.

Assessment, network, and support

You’ll be assessed on your active participation, responses to the course material, completion of module deadlines, and self-assessment. There’s also an HBS Online Community you can join for networking opportunities.

Reviews and testimonials

“I found the content of the course to be extremely informative and applicable to the real challenges of being a leader. I loved the frameworks and the case study model of the course, and I thought the course was very manageable on top of a full-time job.”

Abby Katz is a Senior Marketing Manager at Mavrck, a Boston-based influencer marketing software company.

Abby Katz
Senior Marketing Manager at Mavrck

“I’m now more mindful of how my colleagues are experiencing me, and less averse to having difficult conversations.”

Juliana Casale is the Head of Marketing at Crazy Egg, a SaaS company that builds website optimization tools.

Juliana Casale 
Head of Marketing at Crazy Egg

Final thoughts

These four courses should help you get started on reimagining your leadership style. Also, be sure to subscribe to our blog for more leadership tips.

Want to share your experiences in these courses? What about any courses not listed? Please share them in the comments below. 

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