Many companies are willing to work with freelancers from all over the world, as long as these employees are ready to offer experience, quality, and dedication to help achieve business goals. Outsourcing opens up a giant talent pool for your company, welcoming experience that a business wouldn’t easily get by hiring only local talent.

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However, sending money to remote worker’s accounts might be a problem if you have not done a lot of international business. Ukraine is one of the countries that offer many talented freelancers, so this article will go over how to send money to Ukraine.

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Employers can use PayPal to make bulk payments to freelancers and employees. Bulk payments are the most convenient (and cheapest) option if an employer needs to pay a lot of employees at once. There is no need to send money to each freelancer individually – the employer can just make a mass payment, and all of the freelancers will receive their payment at the same time. PayPal only offers this feature if you create a Business or Premier account.

Making separate payments for all of your employees may take time and result in payment delays. This in turn may make your employees start doubting your professionalism and level of responsibility. But if you use PayPal’s bulk payments feature, contractors will receive their income instantly without being charged for the service. There are some minimal fees for the sender, but these are incredibly affordable when compared to processing payments separately.

PayPal is a good way to pay your employees online | How to send money to Ukraine

After completing a payment, the employer will get a confirmation note, which is a feature they can use to keep track of the payments online. Paying your employees quickly and on time can make the difference between a loyal employee and a fickle one, as freelancers are often very demanding when it comes to getting paid what they deserve.

Hubstaff has a PayPal integration that allows you to send payroll automatically and accurately, ensuring your payments are reliable and on time.


Recipients’ ability to withdraw money from any ATM in the world is one of the most important features of Payoneer. After the money transfer is completed, a Payoneer MasterCard owner can withdraw the funds from any ATM because the withdrawal fee is fixed. Owning a Payoneer MasterCard is very easy and involves no special conditions. It is available to anyone who is interested in using this payment method.

The same card can be used for shopping purposes in many countries (including Ukraine), without additional charges. Basically, the card works just like any other MasterCard.

Employers can use Payoneer to send money to employees in a matter of minutes, with a transaction fee. Payoneer is a convenient service for freelancers and employers wanting to send money to employees all over the world. They serve more than 200 countries as of 2015, and transactions are available in more than 100 currencies. However, there is one disadvantage to using a Payoneer MasterCard – the card owner has to pay a monthly fee for it.

The transfer fees depend on the country you live in and the currency you want to use when making a money transfer. Payoneer may not be the cheapest method to send money to Ukraine, but it is a nice alternative to all the other payment services. A freelancer can immediately go shopping at the nearest store, or withdraw some cash, right after you send them their salary.


Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) is quite the popular payment method since it offers all kinds of features and benefits. A unique feature are the bronze, silver and gold VIP levels. Employers can choose one of these levels and send money to more than 200 countries. Creating an account is free and available in 40 currencies, unlike PayPal, which offers only 25.

Skrill is a great platform to make a money transfer to Ukraine | How to send money to Ukraine

Skrill is an attractive payment method that many employers use to send money to Ukraine. However, there is an exchange fee ranging from 2.99% to 4.99% and sending money to other Skrill accounts will cost you 1% of the amount you send. Your employees won’t be charged for receiving the payment.

Skrill doesn’t charge you when you make a deposit, but having a credit card will cost the end user 1.90%, and the withdrawal fee is 2.95 EUR per withdrawal. The MasterCard option is only available for users with a verified account (it doesn’t take long to receive that status). The number of people using Skrill has been increasing lately thanks to Skrill’s collaboration with services like Facebook, Skype, and eBay.

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Freelance Platforms

Upwork (formerly oDesk) and are some of the most recommended freelance platforms when it comes to finding work and paying freelancers. Freelancing has become very popular in the past few years, and these platforms are making an outstanding effort to create pleasant conditions for any freelancer in the world.  But we do have something more unique to suggest…

How to send money to Ukraine with Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a quality time tracking software that can serve as the perfect addition to every employer’s toolbox. The Hubstaff payroll system integrates with all of the payment systems that have been mentioned in this article.

Hubstaff is the best service to send money to Ukraine | How to send money to Ukraine

By investing in Hubstaff, you are making sure you can send money to Ukraine more quickly and easily than ever. Don’t forget that freelancers appreciate quick and effective payments – they don’t like to wait to receive their funds.

Hubstaff offers features like tracking the time employees spend on projects and it also helps with making mass payments. Since Hubstaff integrates with PayPal and Payoneer, you can automatically pay employees in any of the countries supported by these services –  and this includes Ukraine. Using Hubstaff’s automatic payroll feature will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

By choosing this time tracking software, you will finally have a quick and stress-free way to send money to Ukrainian employees, while being able to keep track of your employees and the projects they are working on. In other words, you will never have to worry about any of your employees neglecting their duties again. Speak of killing two birds with one stone…

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