Kylie Bonassi

Kylie Bonassi

Content Marketer

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Kylie Bonassi is a dynamic content marketer at Hubstaff. She’s the embodiment of the flexibility Hubstaff offers — an Aussie that chose Costa Rica as her remote oasis so she can work asynchronously, surf, and volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary.

She has 15 years of experience working with renowned global brands like American Express, Audi, Mastercard, Caterpillar Inc, Westpac Bank, RGA, and P&O. With a background in business, marketing, and public relations, as well as a Masterclass certificate in digital acceleration from Hyper Island, Kylie is an experienced strategist with a natural ability to connect with clients on a deep level.

At Hubstaff, Kylie's passion for remote work comes alive as she weaves captivating tales and finds innovative and intriguing ways to share these stories with customers worldwide. Fuelled by an unstoppable enthusiasm, Kylie is on a mission to make Hubstaff a household name across the globe.

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