Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Easy, low-fee international payments with TransferWise and Hubstaff

Simple timer-based tracking software
Make automatic payments or export to TransferWise
Set weekly hours and budget limits
View timesheets and customizable reports
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Time tracking
Activity levels
Online timesheets
Automatic payroll
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Advanced reporting
Manual time
Dedicated support

Track exact time with Hubstaff

Automatically pay your team based on work hours

When your team tracks time with Hubstaff, you can rest assured that payments and work hours are as accurate as possible. Integrating TransferWise makes managing and paying your team is one smooth, simple process.

time tracking with automatic payments

Exact time tracked

Start and stop timer to record work hours
See apps used and URLs visited
Optional screenshots, activity levels, and weekly limits
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Automatic TransferWise payments

Fixed rate or hourly payments
Option to customize pay periods
Quick payments and low fees
transferwise payroll payments
transferwise reports and timesheets

Reports and timesheets

Reports of time worked
Filter by user, project, and date
Email or download timesheets and reports
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automatic transferwise payments

Send thousands of payments, thousands of miles — in minutes

Make international payments to up to 1,000 team members at once
Almost as easy as saying, “Send payment.” Make a large batch payment to your global team in a matter of clicks. Pay teams directly through Hubstaff or export into a TransferWise-friendly file.
Hubstaff and TransferWise. For people who love low fees.
Thanks to this integration, business owners can enjoy an average of 16x lower fees than similar payment solutions.

Optional screen capture for remote and growing teams

Hubstaff makes progress reports simple by allowing you to see what your team is working on while are tracking time. Capture up to three screenshots per ten minutes, or turn the feature off altogether.
employee monitoring screenshots
automatic transferwise payroll

Accurate hours, accurate payments

Built-in Hubstaff features make growing, managing, and paying your team easy.
emzployee idle time
Idle timeout
Automatic alerts when you stop working or leave the timer running accidentally.
software for payroll
Smart and precise
View time tracked, activity rates, and optional screen capture for a complete work tracking solution.
setting for manual time entries
Custom settings
Set weekly time limits, idle team members, screenshot frequency, screenshot blurring for privacy, and more.
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