Android Time Tracking App with GPS

  • Track your time accurately with just a tap.
  • Monitor your employees in real-time with GPS tracking.
  • Integrate with over 30 third-party softwares.
  • Automatic Payroll and timesheets for effortless job costing.
Hubstaff android app
Hubstaff Time Tracker
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Works on Android 4.1 and up

Easy Time Tracking for Android

Track time accurately no matter where you go

Hubstaff's Android time tracking app allows you and your workforce to track their time accurately no matter where they go. Just choose the project and simply tap a button to start tracking time to it. The app will continue tracking your time in the background while you go about your business, even if you need to use other apps on the phone. Always have exact records of how long you work on different projects and never manually record your time again.

Android time tracking
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The Android time tracking features you need

Automatic time tracking Android
Android time tracking weekly limits
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Hubstaff android app

GPS Location Tracking in real-time

Know your team's exact location in real-time

Hubstaff's Android app enables you to monitor your team's exact locations via GPS tracking. When your team is tracking time, you can see where they are and how long they spend at each location. You'll know how much time your team is spending in transit and how much time is spent on the job itself.

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Automatic timesheets for Android

Automatic timesheets to your rescue!

Remember the days of manually entering your start and stop times into the right dates and trying to add everything up? You also probably have to chase down team members to get them to fill theirs in. With Hubstaff's Android app, you don't ever have to do any of this again. You and your team members can just hit the start button before working and the stop button when you're done and Hubstaff will automagically prepare the timesheet for everyone who’s tracking time.

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Accurate & customizable reporting

Easily filter through different dates and jobs

All the time tracked by you and your team members with Hubstaff's Android app is available in your Hubstaff account online. Easily filter the reports across custom date ranges, including or excluding certain jobs and team members. Quickly get the information you need, then you can download or email the report.

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Hubstaff android app