Time tracking software for employees

Hubstaff’s time tracking software is unique because we built it to solve our own challenges of tracking work hours. Follow our lead and utilize user-friendly time tracking and in-depth reports to master employee hours tracking.
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Benefits of smarter time tracking software

Track employee hours
Automate tracking for accurate employee timesheets
Give employees intuitive mobile, desktop, and web-based time tracking apps
how to use employee time tracking software

How to use automated time tracking software

  1. Download the time tracking app

    Employees can download Hubstaff for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS to track their work hours. Or, use the Google Chrome extension.

  2. Track time to projects and tasks

    Time tracking software allows employees to track time with one button. Choose specific tasks, projects, Work orders, clients, or locations.

  3. Use time tracking software to generate time reports

    Managers can create time reports that will allow them to learn more about how employees spend their working time. You can then use this information to create better estimates, streamline your workflow, and get projects done on time.

Time tracking software features for employees

Employee hours tracker

Track every minute spent on tasks and learn how long it takes to complete projects. Track time with one click using the simple employee stopwatch.

Automated timesheets

Generate timesheets automatically based on time entries. See a detailed breakdown of employees’ hours by date, client, and project. Review, approve or reject timesheets from a single location.

Manual time entries

No need to worry if someone forgets to track time. Our time tracking software allows you to add time entries manually to ensure all time worked is tracked.

Time tracking apps

Download the employee time tracking software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. Track their time from anywhere, regardless of which device someone owns.

Clock in and out easily

This time tracking software doesn’t require special training — just one click starts and stops the timer.

Employee time and attendance

Create and manage employee shift schedules. Get alerts when employees arrive late, leave early, or miss their shift completely with automated attendance tracking.

Time tracking software features for managing employees

who uses time tracking software

Who uses Hubstaff employee time tracking software?

Remote, field, and in-office teams use Hubstaff as an easy way to track work progress and hours. Over 95,000 businesses trust Hubstaff to record employee hours and schedule shifts. These businesses include:

  • Developers
  • Construction
  • Cleaning
  • Design Teams
  • Agencies
why businesses use Hubstaff
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Brad Edward / Founder of Spekless

I love that I can see the number of hours worked by each employee that week, and then use that information to pay them through a PayPal integration with Hubstaff.

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