Companies often outgrow small software as they expand operations, teams, and services. If you’re here looking for an ActivTrak alternative, that’s likely the issue you’re facing. 

Well, we’ve got you covered with this list of 10 of the best ActivTrak alternatives. Keep reading, or use the links below to jump to different options. We’ve updated the information about each employee monitoring software option to help make your decision a little easier.

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Please note that summaries in this post are based on company websites, marketing materials, and publicly available information. Plans, pricing, features, and other elements are subject to change at any time without notice. Many different tools can help companies like yours accomplish their goals, and this post aims to be a resource, not a decision-maker.

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Table of contents

  1. Hubstaff
  2. Time Doctor
  3. Veriato
  4. TimeCamp
  5. InterGuard
  6. CurrentWare
  7. Insightful
  8. Teramind
  9. DeskTime
  10. JustCall

What to look for in an ActivTrak alternative?

You’re here because you’re either unhappy with your current solution or you’ve looked at ActivTrak and want at least one comparison. Vendor shopping like that is the right move to find the best solution for your needs.

We will broadly review some top questions and concerns around ActivTrak and time tracking solutions. However, the best place to start your consideration — and this is a great item to write out on a separate list so you can use it to review any option — is this one question: 

Why are you looking for something different?

Your answer might dive into price, features, issues you’ve had, wanting better support, giving your team more privacy, accessing improved workforce analytics, or just doing your due diligence.

No answer is wrong. Every answer is essential.

Once you articulate why you’re unhappy or shopping around, you’ll want to compare answers to that question. Often, the easiest way to do this for SaaS purchases is to compare feature sets, pricing, and support. This last element includes both customer support and integrations with your preferred tools.

To make your search easier, we have outlined the nine essential questions to help you get to the heart of each core element:

  1. Time tracking — Does it track time accurately?
  2. Employee monitoring — Can you monitor team performance in real time?
  3. Team productivity measurement and metrics — Can you access actionable activity tracking and performance metrics?
  4. Privacy — Does the software respect your team’s privacy and data?
  5. Detailed reporting — In what ways are you able to access and visualize the data?
  6. Invoicing — Can you set up automatic billing?
  7. Payroll management — Can you pay your team through the app?
  8. Integrations — Are integrations available to streamline your workflow?
  9. Pricing — Is there a free trial, and what is the pricing per user?

Now let’s get into these alternatives to ActivTrak.

10 top ActivTrak alternatives



What does it do

Hubstaff shows you how your team uses time with its innovative blend of time tracking, productivity scoring, and workforce analytics tools.

Hubstaff and ActivTrak have a few similarities in their functionality. However, they focus on different user needs. While ActivTrak is built mainly for employee monitoring, Hubstaff takes a more holistic approach to workforce management and productivity improvement. Our dashboards give you a detailed look at teams, time, performance, and benchmarks to see how you improve over time.

For a complete comparison, read our Hubstaff vs. ActivTrak post.

Who uses it

Hubstaff is a G2 Summer 2024 Leader for Small, Mid-Market, and Enterprise tie tracking.

Teams of all sizes use Hubstaff because it’s made for office, hybrid, and remote work. Currently, more than 95,000 businesses use us to track employee hours and get a better understanding of team productivity and improvement options.


Time tracking

Hubstaff is an all-inclusive workforce management solution with time tracking software at its core. The app can also:

  • Track time spent on tasks and projects with one click.
  • Automatically generate timesheets from time entries. Review, approve, or reject employee timesheets all from one location.
  • Utilize employee scheduling, and the automated attendance tracking notifies you when team members are late, sign off early, or miss their shifts.

The app runs quietly in the background so your team can work without interruptions. Hubstaff is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. You can also track time with the Google Chrome extension.

Employee monitoring

Hubstaff’s employee monitoring capability allows you to monitor your team’s performance in real time. It can also help you:

  • Spot distractions with activity and URL tracking so you can help your team address roadblocks.
  • Set up automated reminders to ensure accurate and detailed timesheets.
  • See how your team members are making progress with optional screenshots.
  • Manage paid time off in just a few seconds with simplified dashboards.
Employee productivity and team productivity tracking and metrics

Hubstaff also calculates employee efficiency by checking for keyboard and mouse activity — it does not monitor keystrokes. With this feature and other productivity tools, Hubstaff lets you:

  • Visualize employee performance with proof of work features.
  • Motivate your team with achievement badges, create goals, and provide automated daily updates.
  • Identify and take advantage of productivity trends with activity rates.
  • GPS location tracking provides additional information for your user behavior analytics.

Hubstaff’s productivity measurement and metrics will help you set new benchmarks

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Hubstaff gives your team full access and control of their data. Users can delete their time entries or screenshots without a manager’s approval. Furthermore, Hubstaff will notify them every time it takes a screenshot. We also don’t offer a stealth mode because we want to avoid privacy concerns for small and large teams.

With every new feature, we ensure team members are in control of their data and understand how tracking works. You can also disable and customize certain features, even on a per-user basis.

Hubstaff only measures time and activity while employees are working. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t collect data when the timer isn’t running. Web content monitoring is also limited to avoid feeling like bossware.

We’ve launched new features to allow teams and individuals to blur URLs, apps, and screenshots. This functionality shows managers categories about the work performed and services used, while minimizing the chance of capturing personal information. It also helps employees feel trusted, which boosts productivity, engagement, and tenure.

It’s one core reason we’re one of the most popular alternatives to ActivTrak.

Detailed reporting
Time report

Hubstaff’s reporting goes beyond time and attendance. Some additional reports and analyses include:

  • Timesheet reports: See time worked, budget limitations, activity levels, etc. You can view time reports by week, person, project, or client.
  • Attendance reports: Identify scheduling and attendance trends. See when your team has completed shifts or missed jobs.
  • Time off reports: Stay on top of scheduling and avoid understaffing. Check your team’s time off balance and transactions based on your regulations.
  • Budget reports: Accurately track profits and expenses. Generate reports to help you forecast and plan work more effectively.

All reports can be customized and filtered by date range, team member, project, or client. You can also download or send the reports to clients in the app.


Hubstaff automates invoicing, reducing non-billable hours. With these invoicing features, you can:

  • Track billable time or log hours manually. Set rates for each person to accurately bill clients and pay employees.
  • Send or export invoices easily. Send unlimited invoices from the app or export them to PDF, HTML, or email.
  • Track budgets and weekly hours in real time. Hubstaff notifies you as you approach weekly limits so you can adapt and avoid unplanned overtime hours.

Hubstaff also seamlessly integrates with many accounting platforms, allowing you to track your finances in one place.

Payroll management

Hubstaff lets you pay your team automatically through timesheets after setting their pay rates. Manual payments are also possible for one-time jobs or freelancers. Moreover, you can:

  • Review and approve accurate timesheets with one click.
  • Automate payments on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly pay period.
  • Track payments with automatic payroll reports and audit previous or current team member payments.

You can also use Hubstaff for online payroll to manage hours, PTO, and payments. You’ll notice you’ve saved countless hours.


Hubstaff also offers over 30 integrations for project management, communication, payments, accounting, invoicing, CRM, and help desk tools.

  • Project management: Hubstaff Tasks, Asana, ClickUp, Trello, and more
  • Communication: Slack
  • Payments, accounting, and invoicing: Bitwage, QuickBooks, PayPal, and more
  • CRM: Salesforce
  • Help desk: Freshdesk and Zendesk


  • 14-day free trial available; no credit card required. 
  • There is a free plan available.
  • Prices start at $5 per month per user monthly.
  • Premium plans start at $10 per month per user monthly.
  • Customs plans are available for enterprise teams, and they include access to our custom Corporate app

Hubstaff's productivity tracking and metrics will help you set new benchmarks

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Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Time Doctor

What does it do

Time Doctor is a time tracking software and productivity tool. Managers use it to enhance profitability with real-time information on time usage, team activity, and employee attendance.

Who is it for

Organizations of all industries and sizes who want to boost their teams’ productivity can use Time Doctor.


Time Doctor’s interface makes time tracking easy. Start the timer, and it will run in the background while your team members work. The app also includes web and app monitoring, optional screenshots, and idle time tracking features.

Time Doctor can categorize websites and apps as productive or unproductive. A pop-up displays when employees are performing non-work-related activities.

You can also access several auto-generated reports. Use them to track employees’ daily hours, time spent on tasks, and project progress.

The payroll feature allows you to customize the payment method, pay periods, and currencies. Time Doctor will automatically calculate and send payments based on employee pay rates. However, Time Doctor does not have any invoicing features.

Time Doctor integrates with over 60 apps. It is available as a Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


  • A 14-day free trial is available; no credit card is required. 
  • Prices start at $7 per month per user monthly.
  • Premium plans start at $20 per user monthly.
  • Customs plans are available for enterprise teams.
  • No free plan is listed on its website.

Read our Hubstaff vs. Time Doctor post for a detailed comparison.



What does it do

Veriato is focused more on risk management than many other tools on our list. It has features that its website puts into four main categories:

  • Insider risk management
  • Employee productivity
  • Workplace investigations
  • Auditing and compliance

If you’ve got concerns about financial fraud, employee misconduct, or regulatory compliance across multiple business operations, this is an exciting choice.

Who is it for

Remote companies looking to improve risk management and security through robust employee monitoring would benefit from Veriato.


Monitor employee behavior and evaluate productivity with activity logs, reports, and employee screenshots. Veriato also tracks:

  • Chats and instant messages
  • Social media usage
  • Emails you’ve sent and received
  • The text you use and how you communicate across apps
  • Downloads and file usage
  • Web and app usage
  • Keystrokes 
  • Network connections and bandwidth usage
  • Network activity
  • Documents printed or copied to a USB drive

Once Veriato is installed on employee computers, you can remotely monitor employee activity silently. However, stealth monitoring on an employee’s computer might be a privacy issue for some, like ActivTrak’s invisible Time Agent. 

Veriato does not have payroll and invoicing features, but it has added support for smartphones alongside its functions on Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, and tablets.


Prices start at $25 per month per user for its standard option, and the company’s online chat support noted a minimum of five licenses. There was no free option or free trial listed 


Time camp

What does it do

TimeCamp helps managers optimize workflows and stay within budget. Like other tools on this list, it also lets you work efficiently without worrying about timesheets, reports, or employee activity.

Who is it for

TimeCamp is suitable for small businesses, freelancers, and enterprises that need time tracking software capabilities.


TimeCamp offers automatic time tracking, reporting, and expense tracking. The app also scans the names of your apps and assigns them to app categories.

TimeCamp’s billing feature allows you to create accurate invoices from tracked time. You can use this feature to speed up billing and resource management processes. The app’s in-depth reports also allow you to determine if your project is profitable and within budget. It also has a feature for on-site teams to clock in and out, providing you with attendance tracking. However, TimeCamp doesn’t include payroll features.

TimeCamp integrates with over 100 apps for project management, accounting, sales, and more.


  • A free version is available for one user.
  • Prices start at $4 per user monthly for paid plans.
  • Premium plans start at $7 per user monthly.
  • Custom plans are available for enterprise teams.


InterGuard homepage

What does it do

InterGuard is a time tracker software that lets you monitor remote employees, track their attendance, and see the time spent on work or non-related tasks. It also offers security features that protect sensitive business and client data.

Who is it for

InterGuard can help companies of all sizes and industries improve their remote operations and reduce risks from insider threats. It’s another tool that focuses as much on employee work as it does on their access to proprietary information. 


InterGuard’s employee monitoring features help you improve risk management. InterGuard’s website emphasizes its security and monitoring capabilities, which are even available on cell phones.

The app provides:

  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Real-time alerts
  • Screenshots
  • Email and file activity monitoring 
  • Keystroke activity
  • Social media monitoring
  • Threat detection
  • Activity logs across computers, smartphones, and other devices
  • GPS tracking and location data 
  • App tracking
  • Camera and photo tracking

InterGuard does not have reporting, invoicing, and payroll capabilities. It is a monitoring tool that isn’t designed to integrate and share information with other services. Instead, it can track data, access, and activity across other apps.

InterGuard does have a web app and supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.


  • Prices start at $25 per user per month, with a 5-user minimum.
  • Custom plans are available for larger teams.
  • InterGuard does not list free plans or trials on its website.



What does it do

CurrentWare keeps your business safe and productive by monitoring user activity, blocking websites, and preventing data loss.

Who is it for

CurrentWare is a good choice for companies that want to track time and enforce rules on internet usage. The service structure is piecemeal, so you have strict control over cost and functionality.


CurrentWare offers multiple tools with different individual functionality. One monitors online browsing and application usage. Another monitoring option lets you access user activity reports, screenshots, and dashboards. It’s a smart web content monitoring tool.

With CurrentWare’s BrowseControl, you can block websites based on URLs and content categories and control internet access with block lists. AccessPaatrol lets you block USB devices and other gadgets to reduce the risk of USB malware and data leakage.

You can also view detailed reports of the websites and apps your employees spend time on. Each report provides information about specific employees, devices, groups, and organizations.

CurrentWare does not integrate with any apps. It also doesn’t have any invoicing and payroll functionalities.


  • Free trial available with no credit card requirement.
  • Prices start at $1.99 and $3.99 per user monthly, depending on your desired service.
  • You can bundle its four products for $8.99 per user per month, but the website only lists annual payment plans for this option.



What does it do

Insightful is an employee monitoring software that delivers intelligent insights on projects and team members. Managers use Insightful to tell if employees are on track and how much time is going toward productive or unproductive tasks. You can also see when someone is overwhelmed or becoming disengaged.

Using the software is straightforward. That’s because of the clean, intuitive dashboard that shows productivity over time.

Who is it for

Remote workforces of all sizes and industries looking to improve employee productivity can benefit from Insightful’s tracking key features.


Insightful captures time and attendance, eliminates manual timesheets, and tracks project time. You can also connect your payroll system and calculate project billing rates for more accurate budgeting.

The app’s productivity monitoring reveals productivity by roles and responsibilities. Productivity labeling, tracking, web/app usage, and trends are also provided. Insightful can then label employee monitoring data based on employees working in the office or from home.

You can manage projects and tasks with Insightly’s Kanban flow feature. This lets you keep track of time spent on each project or job.

The company has expanded to include features that aim to limit burnout and help managers distribute tasks and workloads. It now lists invoicing and invoicing integrations as “coming soon.”


  • Free trial available with no credit card requirement.
  • Prices start at $8 per user monthly.
  • Premium plans start at $15 per user monthly, with a 50-user minimum.
  • Custom prices are available for enterprise teams. 


Teramind homepage

What does it do

Teramind is an application that tracks user actions to identify and prevent insider threats in the workplace. It also offers a layer of analytics to determine user behaviors and habits, including productivity and malicious elements.

Who is it for

Teramind works with a wide range of security and legal-related departments of businesses of all sizes, from startups to government agencies. It’s a good fit for those with a significant compliance need.


Teramind monitors employees’ digital behavior with user-centric security. The tool can also streamline employee data gathering to identify suspicious activities, monitor efficiency, and maintain industry compliance.

Teramind also prevents security issues by providing real-time access to user activity. It does this by sending alerts, warnings, redirects, and user lock-outs. It’s also nice that you can set it up in minutes and deploy it with or without employee knowledge to maintain confidence and privacy.

Visualize operational metrics and insights with business intelligence. Additionally, you can access reports on security, productivity, and compliance procedures.

As a privacy-first cybersecurity startup, Teramind protects business data and helps organizations fulfill compliance requirements while respecting employee privacy.

Teramind also offers integrations with seven apps. It doesn’t provide invoicing or payroll features, but its support chat noted that you can attach an hourly rate to each employee to perform cost tracking and estimates of payroll expenses.


  • Free trial available.
  • Prices start at $15 per user monthly, with a 5-seat minimum.
  • Premium plans start at $30 per user monthly and include its full suite of employee activity monitoring.
  • Enterprise plans are available with custom pricing.


Time camp

What does it do

DeskTime is an automated time tracking service that runs starting when a computer is opened and only stops when a computer is shut down. It gives you full URL and document title tracking with some project management support.

Who is it for

Companies that want to a time tracker to analyze and classify employee activities as “productive,” “unproductive,” or “neutral.” It may best suit managers who want constant, real-time views into teams and shifts.


DeskTime offers fully automatic online and offline time tracking tied to a device being powered on. It captures a broad set of information, including apps, URLs, screenshots, and other activity. It does not log keys or take videos using webcams. There are advanced, customizable options for tracking and reporting.

The platform also promises project management functionality through integrations with standard software. On our list of tools, it has some of the most robust shift scheduling functionality. It can organize teams, support PTO, and create reports that look at an entire shift or parse it out into different chunks of hours.

You can automate time and project tracking through its integrations even if your teams work across multiple platforms.


  • Free version for a single user..
  • Paid plans start at $7 per user per month.
  • Premium plans start at $10 per user per month, where you get key features for screenshots, integrations, and shift scheduling.
  • Enterprise options remove many restrictions and start at $20 per user per month.


Just call

What does it do

JustCall is a different kind of ActivTrak alternative for our list. This system focuses on phone and chat interactions where employee monitoring is about improving service calls and customer support.

Who is it for

JustCall is excellent for customer service teams and call centers that want to understand how employees perform with support requests. 


JustCall tracks employee interactions and success across phone and messaging tools. It has specific options for sales and customer service, SMS campaigns, conversation prompts, and field teams. This is the most highly specialized option on our list, but it can make a big difference for support.

JustCall offers many monitoring tools that matter to call center agents, including recordings and real-time support or managerial interactions. It has AI features that your team can use to improve messaging and sales success rates.

The company lists 15 standard integrations, though user reviews mention that it is easy to add more than 100 integrations through a variety of workflows.


  • No free trial or option is listed on its site.
  • Plans start at $29 per user per month with broad call and SMS support.
  • Premium plans start at $69 per month and introduce team analytics, role permissions, and live monitoring.
  • Enterprise plans are available with custom pricing.

Which option is right for you?

When deciding which tool is best for your team, remember that all of them offer a variety of helpful key features. One business may benefit from an app with features beyond time tracking, while another may prefer more stripped-down tools for lower prices.

It’s important to know where you stand on this spectrum. Ultimately, the tool you choose should make your workflow smoother. If it ends up complicating processes and adding unnecessary tasks to your plate, you can always return to this post and switch to a different one.

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