The best GPS fleet tracking systems enable businesses of all types to track the location of various assets, like vehicles, equipment, or deliveries. Using these systems for tasks such as fleet management, you can monitor all assets and gauge their speed, performance, and quality.

Some industries that use fleet tracking solutions include construction, transportation, heavy equipment, distribution, retail, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors.

When shopping for a fleet tracking system, know that the pricing typically consists of an upfront fee per device and a monthly fee for services.

The best GPS fleet tracking systems will:

  • Give you everything you need to maintain compliance
  • Have real-time tracking of your assets
  • Feature plenty of services to optimize fleet management

Explore nine of the best GPS fleet tracking systems and their benefits. In this article, we discuss the following systems:

GPS tracking system Subscription pricing
ClearPathGPS Standard: $20/month for powered assets
Pro: $25/month for powered assets
Hubstaff Field: $12/user/month
Desk + Field: $15/user/month
GPS Insight $14.95/month
AZUGA $28/month with free hardware or a
$22/month flex plan and $99.99 per device
Geotab $18.25/month per vehicle
Verizon Connect Varies
GPSWOX $2.99/month or $2,440/perpetual license
NexTraq $34.95/month per truck
Rhino Fleet Tracking Varies

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Benefits of a fleet GPS tracking system

If you’re unsure whether you need a fleet GPS tracking system for your business, you’ll want to consider these benefits. Some of the main advantages include:

Knowing where your assets are

With the help of a dependable fleet tracking system, you can know where your employees, vehicles, and other assets are whenever you need to track them.

Tracking helps prevent loss and theft as you gain total transparency into the position of assets. You can determine their current locations while tracking time if you have employees working at a job site or on the road.

Boosting productivity

With the ability to track employees and equipment, you can also increase productivity. Specifically, you can achieve this by monitoring the time spent at specific sites on the premises or another location.

Monitoring will also help keep employees more productive through better time management. Additionally, you can ensure vehicles take the best available routes to and from job sites for greater efficiency.

Tracking fleets and assets with the best GPS fleet tracking systems

Reducing operational expenses

Another valuable benefit of fleet GPS tracking systems is reducing operating costs. Real-time data can help with analysis and better inform your decisions. In addition, you can be more proactive when managing teams and assets with the high-quality data that these systems provide.

Best GPS fleet tracking systems

Following plenty of research, we’ve found nine of the market’s best GPS fleet tracking systems. We chose them based on the features they offered and their overall capabilities.


A screenshot of the ClearPathGPS interface

ClearPathGPS is a feature-rich GPS fleet tracking system with essential features such as geofencing, maintenance and odometer readouts, live traffic and map overlays, and more. It’s also very user-friendly and mainly caters to various field service industries.

One disadvantage we found with ClearPathGPS is that standard plans exclude real-time alerts and in-depth reporting capabilities.

Regarding pricing, you can start with the Standard plan at $20/month for powered assets and vehicles or $15/month for non-powered assets. The Pro plan, which includes advanced reports and real-time alerts, costs $25/month for powered assets and $20/month for non-powered assets.

GPS Insight

A screenshot of the GPS Insight interface

This GPS tracker is among the most intuitive fleet management software solutions. This particular tracker is ideal for helping maintain compliance with FMCSA and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rules and regulations. It facilitates consistent driver safety.

While GPS Insight appears mostly reliable, some users have experienced specific issues with freezing, and GPS Insight also charges an installation fee for each device.

Pricing starts at $14.95/month, with hardware costing $199 to $450 upfront per device.


A screenshot of the AZUGA interface

AZUGA is another easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking system that’s easy to use and includes plenty of features.

You’ll have access to AZUGA’s reports and live alerts, and each plan offers unlimited email, phone, and webchat support. It can also integrate with Onfleet delivery management software, enabling the use of telematics features that assist with route planning and more.

One downside to AZUGA, however, is that it’s not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

For pricing, AZUGA offers a bundle plan at $28/month that includes free hardware, or you can go with the $22/month flex plan that charges $99.99 per device.

Truck with one of the best GPS fleet tracking systems


A screenshot of the Geotab interface

This fleet management solution emphasizes safety, productivity, compliance, and optimization. It includes safety reporting, custom rules and reporting, and comprehensive features, with the ability to help monitor driver behavior.

One issue users have experienced with Geotab pertains to ease of use, with reports of a lack of intuitive dashboards and reporting.

Geotab currently costs $18.25/month per vehicle. The company also charges $70 per vehicle to install each vehicle tracker.

Verizon Connect

A screenshot of the Fleetmatics interface

Verizon Connect, formerly Fleetmatics, is among the best GPS fleet tracking solutions for midsize operations. This system also allows you to create automated alerts and workflow scripts. In addition, you can see critical trend reports according to department, team, or organization.

Although Verizon Connect includes numerous features to assist with route optimization, real-time tracking, driving behavior monitoring, and more, they may make this fleet management system less intuitive to learn.

Verizon Connect’s pricing varies depending on many factors, including your specific GPS technology needs and the size of your fleet.


A screenshot of the GPSWOX interface

GPSWOX is another affordable option to track vehicles and employees, making it suitable for small fleets. You can also use this GPS vehicle and employee tracking tool to gauge fleet performance based on fuel efficiency and usage. The solution also sends notifications to mobile devices using the app or SMS when vehicles enter certain areas, stop too frequently, or exceed the posted speed limit.

GPSWOX is very cost-effective compared to other fleet trackers. But you’ll sacrifice access to the range of features you might find in more comprehensive solutions.

Pricing for GPSWOX starts at $2.99/month, with plans for larger fleets going up to $2,440 per perpetual license.


A screenshot of the NexTraq interface

This service is among the best fleet management systems because of its safety features. Users can also use plug-and-play or hardwired devices that support your fleet’s driver safety and visibility. In addition, this system is excellent for improving driver performance, as it sends reminders to drivers to practice safe habits if it detects aggressive behavior.

The biggest problem that users have expressed with NexTraq is online customer support delays.

The cost of NexTraq is $34.95/month per vehicle, along with a fee of $179 for the GPS fleet tracking software.

Rhino Fleet Tracking

A screenshot of the Rhino Fleet Tracking interface

Rhino Fleet Tracking offers plenty of functionality at a fair price for asset tracking. You can log everything from fuel costs to locations, which gives you insight into vehicle and driver performance.

You’ll also have access to the system’s user-friendly dashboard that shows you fuel card usage information, landmark stops, service records, and more. You can also access the system on iOS and Android smartphones and desktop devices.

Some users have reported issues around outdated Google Maps with incorrectly posted speed limits, and the system requires data backups.

The pricing for Rhino Fleet Tracking depends on fleet size, the types of vehicles, and other factors.


GPS employee tracking system in Hubstaff

Another of the best fleet GPS tracking systems is from Hubstaff. Hubstaff is a complete field service tracking solution that lets you easily track employees’ locations using the Hubstaff dashboard or mobile app. In addition to GPS location tracking, you benefit from a user-friendly interface that allows you to track time, manage expenses, create geofences, and more.

Hubstaff offers a variety of pricing options, including monthly or annual plans and plans with additional bundled invoicing and workforce management apps.

Hubstaff offers a free 14-day trial. After that, you can use Hubstaff Field for $10 per user/month when paying annually. Bundle Hubstaff Field with Hubstaff Desk and pay only $12 per user/month with an annual subscription. You can also choose a customizable Enterprise plan.


We’ve received a few frequently asked questions about the best GPS fleet tracking systems and tracking technology. Check out our findings below.

What are the different types of vehicle tracking systems?

There are three standard vehicle tracking systems for fleets. These are wireless passive, cellular, and satellite real-time technologies. Each has different benefits and disadvantages.

Can a car have two tracking devices?

Yes, it’s possible to install two GPS devices on one vehicle. They can work separately and track separate datasets without interfering with each other.

What system is most widely used for vehicle tracking?

Today’s vehicle tracking systems use real-time GPS or GLONASS tech to track vehicle location. However, it’s possible to use other types of technology to keep track of fleets.

Start working with the best GPS fleet tracking systems

If you’re searching for the best GPS fleet tracking systems, our listed options are among the top choices. With the help of the right solution, you can get a complete picture of driver and route performance.

Hubstaff makes fleet tracking even more effortless. We offer the ability to track employees and analyze data using a highly accessible dashboard.

To find out more about how Hubstaff can help with our fleet tracking system and more, sign up for a free trial today.

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