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Which Hubstaff plan is right for you?

Hubstaff has four plans you can choose from: Free, Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

Every plan works for time tracking and employee monitoring. From there, we just need to figure out what else you need for your business to operate smoothly.

To help streamline the decision-making process, this post will cover each Hubstaff plan. You’ll be able to see what features are included, how much it costs, and what kind of teams generally choose each option.

As you’ll see, Hubstaff is more than just time tracking software. We’re all about maximizing your productivity and empowering you to fit more work in your workday.

Let’s explore your options.

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Hubstaff Free plan


Price: Free. Maximum of 1 member allowed.

One of the great things about Hubstaff is that single-person teams can use the essential functions for free.

This plan is most often used by consultants, freelancers, or even business owners who just want to track their own time. It’s not for teams or for managers who need to track other people.

Free plan features:

  • Time tracking
  • Limited screenshots
  • Keyboard and mouse activity
  • Limited payments

The Free plan gives you a straightforward, reliable software to help you track and manage your own productivity. You can use it to help power your growth as a new startup, or you can track your freelance hours to make sure you’re billing your time accurately.

Pricing isn’t really an issue with the Free plan because it costs nothing. Keep using it for as long as you want.

You’ll receive software updates as they’re released and get access to all the core features that make Hubstaff such a powerful productivity booster.

Businesses that benefit most from Hubstaff’s Free plan

If you are a freelancer, solopreneur, or a brand new startup, the Free version is a good choice. The features are more limited than the other paid versions, of course. However, just tracking your own time and productivity is a huge advantage when you’re striving for growth.

Simplicity and clarity: Free plan benefits

Here’s what you can expect when you start using Hubstaff’s Free plan:

  • An accurate record of your work hours
  • A simple start and stop feature to keep you focused on work, not time tracking
  • Seamless web, desktop, and mobile apps for work on the go
  • Activity rate based on mouse and keyboard activity as a baseline productivity metric
  • A clear view into how productive you are on a daily basis

Hubstaff Basic Plan

Hubstaff dashboard

Price: $7.00/user/month ($5.83/user/month if paid annually). Starts at a minimum requirement of 2 users.

Aside from the features already included in the Free version, the Basic plan comes with some extras that power your team’s productivity.

Most importantly, the Basic plan allows you to start adding team members to your organization. Track their time and productivity automatically so that you can all focus on your top priorities.

Basic plan features:

  • All features included in the Free version
  • Unlimited screenshots
  • 1 integration
  • Limited payments
  • 24/7 support
  • Per-user settings

Time tracking for teams

Hubstaff’s intelligent activity tracking gives you a quick glance into how your team is doing at any time.

The optional screenshots are a powerful way to help diagnose potential problems. If a team member needs help, you have objective data to pinpoint exactly which tools and tasks are presenting problems.

Every Hubstaff user has access to time logs, screenshots, and productivity data collected while the software is turned on.

It’s even possible to delete screenshots and activity logs. For example, if a user accidentally logs into their online banking while the software is turned on, they can delete that time, thus deleting the screenshots that shouldn’t go to their manager.

Built to save time

Upgrading from Free to Basic gives you powerful employee payments and per-user settings.

The employee payments feature makes payroll much easier. You can export payment information from Hubstaff and mark those hours as paid, saving you loads of time chasing down timesheets.

Per-user settings allow you to customize Hubstaff for each team member. Set separate bill and pay rates, turn screenshot capture on or off, and more.

One integration per plan

Additionally, the Basic plan lets you integrate one third-party service. GitHub and Zendesk are popular, though there are lots of other integrations that are compatible with Hubstaff.

Integrating Hubstaff with project management software allows your team to track time to specific tasks. Integrating with bookkeeping software means you can export time tracking data directly into payroll. Choose the integration that saves the most time for you, or consider upgrading your plan if you use multiple types of software and you want to maximize your efficiency.

Who uses Hubstaff Basic the most?

Smaller teams and businesses that rely on 1-2 other software tools to do business will get the most out of Hubstaff Basic. This version of Hubstaff is perfect for small companies and startups.

We designed Hubstaff to work well for remote teams, but lots of traditional office-based teams use it, too.

If you need more integrations, more robust reporting, advanced payroll features, or GPS location tracking, you should look at the next plan on the list.

Easy efficiency: benefits of a Basic plan

The Basic plan is ideal for tracking your small team’s productivity and time. It’s flexible enough to work for all kinds of teams, even when you need different things for different people.

  • Simplify time and productivity tracking
  • Customize the experience for each team member, from timeout warnings to occasional screenshots
  • Scale up or down as needed by easily adding or removing users

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Hubstaff Premium Plan

Hubstaff activity tracking

Price: $10.00/user/month/ ($8.33/user/month if paid annually). Starts at a minimum requirement of 2 users.

It’s easier to be efficient in a small team. As your business grows, you need better tools to make sure that all areas of your business stay at maximum productivity.

Hubstaff’s Premium plan is designed to support large and growing organizations. We give you all the tools you need to monitor your team, save time, and work as efficiently as possible.

Premium features:

  • All features included in the Basic version
  • Unlimited integrations for seamless business operations
  • App and URL tracking for better productivity tracking
  • Automatic payroll to save you 1-2 hours each week
  • Weekly limits so projects and teams don’t go over budget
  • Attendance scheduling to keep time and attendance all in one place
  • Invoicing to take one more billing concern off your plate
  • Location tracking for mobile teams
  • Project budgets so you won’t lose sleep over blown budgets
  • Expense tracking to keep track of all non-time related costs to your organization
  • Time off and holiday tracking to help manage coverage
  • Auto-discard idle time so you don’t pay for accidental hours

Built-in peace of mind for business owners and teams alike

As the size of your team increases, it becomes more difficult to monitor individual productivity.

Frequent check-ins waste everyone’s time. Managers might not realize there’s a productivity issue until tasks start falling behind. Some employees may even leave the timer running when they’re not working, either accidentally or intentionally.

The Premium plan addresses all of those concerns.

We built Hubstaff Premium to give you back hours of your day. It’s a complete solution to help you stay productive, no matter when and where your team works.

Skyrocket your productivity: benefits of a Premium plan

Hubstaff Premium automates most simple business processes so you can spend that time getting more done. Save time on invoicing, payroll, expense tracking, scheduling, and so many other tedious tasks.

All of this adds up to more time that you can spend doing important work every day. Think about how much your time is worth.

In fact, you can experience the Premium plan for free: try it out during the 14-day free trial period and see how much time you get back every week.

Companies that benefit from Hubstaff Premium

Hubstaff’s Premium plan is best for productivity-minded companies that leverage technology to get more done. It scales up or down as needed, so it’s popular among teams of all sizes.

Industries like construction, landscaping, home healthcare, and field sales use the Premium plan’s geofencing and location-tracking features to great advantage. Geofencing allows you to set up a virtual boundary around a physical area like a job site. As soon as your employee’s phone crosses that boundary, you start tracking time.

The Premium plan is the best option when you can’t afford to waste time. Use this plan to maximize efficiency at all levels of your organization.

Hubstaff Enterprise Plan

Hubstaff job site reports

Price: $20.00/user/month ($16.67/user/month if paid annually). Starts at a minimum requirement of 2 users.

The Hubstaff Enterprise plan has all of the features of the Premium plan, but with a few extra perks for those who want the best of the best for their business.

Enterprise plan features:

  • All features included in the Premium plan
  • VIP support
  • Unlimited Job Sites
  • Concierge account setup
  • Higher limits on public APIs

Enjoy peace of mind with VIP support

Hubstaff gives high-quality, reliable support to all of our customers. However, the Enterprise plan comes with a little extra care from the Customer Support team.

We know that implementing new software isn’t always easy, and technical difficulties will probably arise when you move your enterprise organization to a new tool.

With VIP support, your tickets go to the top of the queue and you get super fast responses. Whether you want technical help or just have a question about a feature, you’re always first in line.

Track your mobile workforce with unlimited job sites

While the Premium plan geofencing feature limits you to 50 job sites at a time, the Enterprise plan allows you to create as many job sites as you want.

This is a great alternative to those expensive, dedicated GPS fleet tracking devices. Instead, your teams’ smartphones are the hardware, and you just need an affordable Hubstaff plan for each person you need to track.

That location data automatically fills out your employee’s timesheet, and you can handle payroll in a click or two.

Concierge account setup

If you need help setting up your Enterprise account, a member of our Customer Success team can help with that. They will personally answer any of your questions, walk you through your new Hubstaff software, and help you get set up quickly and easily.

What businesses will benefit the most from an Enterprise plan?

Hubstaff’s Enterprise plan is a great choice for high-volume businesses that need lots of data. You’ll have quicker access to our servers and higher data transfer rates.

Large field service companies with a big mobile workforce use the Enterprise plan for the ability to set up unlimited job sites. The built-in productivity features help save a lot of time in the back office, too.

If you own a big business with lots of moving parts, or if you want to be an MVP customer with the fastest support, you should splurge on the Enterprise plan.

Which Hubstaff plan should you choose?

The decision is based mostly on how much you want Hubstaff to streamline your business.

If you’re only looking for accurate time tracking for one, the Free plan is plenty. If you just want to reliably track time for 2+ team members, try Hubstaff Basic.

To save more time and really start to supercharge your productivity, Hubstaff Premium is worth the investment. The Premium plan will grow with you, and you can always scale back by removing users whenever you need to.

For the ultimate Hubstaff package, take advantage of all that the Enterprise plan has to offer.

You know what your business needs now and where you expect it to grow. Choose the plan that will best help you reach your next big milestone, whatever that may be.

For even more information, check out our full plan comparison.

This post was originally published in September 2018. It has been updated in July 2020 for accuracy.

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