As a freelancer or a small business owner, you work hard. You provide a phenomenal product or service, work with your clients to make sure they’re totally satisfied, and when all is said and done, you get paid. Well, almost.

There’s another step that you’re missing:
Freelancer invoicing software.

Invoicing is one of the least exciting parts of the freelance life. But it has to be done. And if you want things to go smoothly—invoices being received, paid on time, easy to gather for taxes and financial tracking—you need a system to create invoices.

The invoicing apps below take the pain out of this process. We’ll look at six great pieces of online invoicing software for freelancers and then we’ll go through some tips on making your invoicing process as effective as possible.

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1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff invoicing

Hubstaff’s online invoicing software’s distinctive feature is that it is integrated into the app. In other words, this invoicing software allows you to invoice clients for individual items or time tracked via Hubstaff, integrating project management and time tracking, without having to use another tool. The invoice generator can easily create accurate, automatic line items for projects and tasks, as you can see in the video above.

You also have the option to build invoice templates and set billable and payable rates to keep track of the project expense, making it easier to issue unlimited invoices, as well as the amount to bill for each project or person. Add notes, tax, PO numbers, and more.

Once generated, the invoices can be sent in multiple formats such as HTML, PDF, or email. You can even see when a client has viewed the invoice. To help with accounting, you can record a full or partial payment against the item.

All of these features are available from $10 for a single user/month. A free trial is also available so you can try out the app.

2. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice

Zoho makes it easy to create and send well-designed invoices through its invoice software. Even with the free account, you’re able to customize every little detail on your invoice to reflect your brand. The service is an invoicing system that’s integrated with several payment gateways including Google Checkout, PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and 

With the free account, you can have up to five customers and one user, making it a good choice for small businesses. You’ll need to step up your plan to add more clients, customers, or team members (paid plans start at $7 per month for a single user and up to 50 customers).

 Zoho Invoice also integrates well with Zoho’s other suite of apps, which includes marketing, email, HR, and business process tools. Mobile invoicing makes Zoho a good choice for people on the go, and mobile access to their wide variety of other business tools is great for freelancers and small business owners who do a lot of traveling.

Don’t forget that Zoho integrates with Hubstaff for easy time tracking and reporting, too!

3. FreshBooks


FreshBooks’ invoices stand out as looking extremely professional, thanks in part to its top-notch invoice software. You can customize your own invoice to match the style and message of your brand, and the ability to accept credit card payments right from the invoice adds to the sense of professionalism, along with accurate sales tax calculations.

Automatic reminders for unpaid invoices, late fees, and the ability to accept deposits for work not yet done all make FreshBooks a great billing software option for small business owners and freelancers. Invoice tracking, recurring invoices, discounts, tax calculations, and billable hours tracking are a host of other features that make this a standout option. You can even automatically import expenses from your bank account.

All of this power comes with a cost, though. After a free trial, you’re looking at $15 per month for up to five clients, and $25 per month for up to 50 clients.

Don’t forget that Freshbooks integrates with Hubstaff for easy Freshbooks time tracking and reporting.

4. Hiveage


Hiveage offers a variety of services, and this invoice generator system for small businesses and freelancers is one of the best for your freelancing business. Every plan includes unlimited clients and invoices—features vital for effective client management—and the $15 per month Starter plan includes two staff, 250 recurring profiles, and 50 auto-billing profiles.

Payment reminders, bank transfers, time and expense tracking, 12 online payment gateways, CRM software powered dashboard reports, and a variety of other features that you’d expect to come with an online invoicing solution come with every plan. You can also do some customization to make your invoices look more professional.

Hiveage recently added two-factor authentication and detailed reports. Although it’s not the cheapest option, it’s definitely worth the expense.

5. Wave Invoicing

Wave Invoicing

Wave offers a complete suite of billing and invoicing tools for small businesses and freelancers, making it a comprehensive invoicing tool and accounting software solution.

And it stands out as being the only hosted invoice tools option that’s always completely free. You never have to pay to create and send a customized invoice. Wave offers customizable invoices, recurring billing, bank transfer options, and payment reminders, too. Automatic status updates and payment receipts mean you don’t have to spend extra time managing the entire invoicing process. And if you use the Wave Accounting software app for your small business, the invoices integrate right into your financial tracking.

You can even offer credit card payments right from your invoice so customers don’t have an excuse to put it off. Mobile apps make it easy to get your invoicing done on the go, too.

6. Momenteo


For freelancers looking for the best invoicing software that lets them invoice hassle-free after finishing projects, Momenteo gets the job done.

Momenteo lets freelancers customize their invoices, which helps in creating a professional and respectable brand image. The app also offers expense management and allows you to check the invoice status—ideal for those looking to set up recurring invoices—after they have been sent, so you don’t have to keep following up on your clients if they haven’t seen the invoice yet.

While Momenteo’s free plan comes with all its features and two active clients, it doesn’t support the ability to accept online payments. The paid plans start at $5.50 per month.

Tips to make the online invoicing process easier

Once you’ve chosen an invoicing tool or free invoicing software, it’s time to start improving your payment process. You could just send invoices and try to remember to follow up, but if you put some effective practices in place, the entire process will be smoother.

Keep these five things in mind when you’re invoicing with invoicing software to get paid faster and with less effort.

1. Automate billing with integrated invoicing software

The more integrated your apps are in your invoicing software, the more time they’ll save you. For example, if you track your time with Hubstaff, you can use the FreshBooks integration to import your time and invoice for it. That’s much easier than doing it all manually.

2. Use a checklist for account setup

When you set up an account for client management within your invoicing system, collect as much information as possible. The use of project management tools can streamline this process, making it easier to collect payments and keep track of freelance invoice templates or customized invoices you might use.

3. Get paid fast

Maintaining cash flow is crucial when you operate a freelancing business or a small business. Offering multiple preferred payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, or credit card can minimize delays in receiving payments. Automated or automatic payment reminders can also be set to prompt clients, ensuring you collect payments on time.

4. Automate reminders

Many online invoicing systems offer automatic payment reminders. Don’t feel like you’re being annoying; set up these reminders as soon as you can. These reminders can go a long way in helping you collect payments, especially when you’re handling unlimited invoicing.

5. Constantly monitor your invoicing systems

Make it a habit to check your invoicing apps on a regular basis. This is crucial for anyone who wants to send invoices efficiently and keep track of them. Through regular monitoring, you can ensure that you get paid faster and fewer things fall through the cracks.

Your tips for online invoicing

When you’re freelancing or running a small business, invoicing through your invoicing software is one of those tasks that is absolutely necessary. With the right tools and habits like sending automated reminders and offering multiple preferred payment methods, you can turn this chore into a smoothly running automated process. So don’t wait; start enjoying the benefits of unlimited invoicing today.

And share your best invoicing tips in the comments below!

This post was updatedin September 2023.

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