A deadline is looming. You only have a few hours left until you need to submit the final version of a project. Your heart beats fast, your knees bounce . . . but you’re still on Facebook. You, my friend, need better time management skills.

And to get them, you need some help. These seven time management blogs are packed full of tips, strategies, systems, and software that will help you better manage your time, both as a businessperson and in your personal life.

Read them and start your journey to becoming a time management master.

Time Management NinjaSimple and useful time management tips
Marc and Angel Hack LifePopular, easy-to-read personal development blog
ProductivityistAdvice on how to be more productive
Pick the BrainSelf-improvement and general life tips
Asian EfficiencyProductivity blog focused on efficiency
Get Everything DoneBlog focused on time management systems

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Time Management Ninja

For actionable tips and great tech tools

time management blogs: Time Management Ninja

Time Management Ninja has over 50,000 subscribers, and there’s good reason: Craig Jarrow presents useful tips in simple, straightforward posts. He covers a wide variety of time management topics, from reducing clutter to delegation, all in the hopes of helping you get more done in less time.

Jarrow has a strong reputation for teaching time management: he’s published hundreds articles on the topic. And he’s taught courses at organizations ranging from Home Depot to the U.S. Navy. He’s currently working on some online courses for Time Management Ninja, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Popular Posts on Time Management Ninja

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Marc and Angel Hack Life

For holistic lifestyle improvement

time management blogs: Marc & Angel Hack Life

Marc and Angel are professional coaches and seek to help readers live happy, fulfilled lives. With posts on stress, priorities, goal setting, and habit formation, their blog will help you become more intentional about your life.

The site’s weekly personal development tips earned it a commendation from Forbes, which called it one of the most popular development blogs. And if you like their style, you can check out their book, 1,000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently, and their online course, Getting Back to Happy.

Popular Posts on Marc and Angel Hack Life

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For straight advice on how to be more productive

time management blogs: Productivityist

Productivityist features hundreds of  articles on how to improve your life, time management skills, and efficiency. The site features articles by many productivity specialists.

Mike Vardy, founder of Productivityist, has been published in such notable publications as Huffington Post and Success magazine. He’s also published a number of books, including The Front Nine: How to Start the Year Anytime You Want.

Popular Posts on Productivityist

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Pick the Brain

For a broader look at self-improvement

time management blogs: Pick the Brain

Pick The Brain covers many self-improvement topics to help you live a more satisfying lifestyle. Their productivity section is especially useful if you’re looking for time management tips. Morning rituals, productivity tools, weekly habits; it’s all there.

Erin Falconer, a former political consultant, stand-up comedian, and screenplay writer, is the editor-in-chief of Pick the Brain. She’s turned the site into a respected source of information on personal development by curating posts from over 200 authors worldwide.

Popular Posts on Pick The Brain

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Asian Efficiency

For a wide variety of advice on how to improve your life

time management blogs: Asian Efficiency

Asian Efficiency is full of tips, tricks and techniques that will help you live a more productive and efficient life. They also offer free productivity training. The blog’s goal is to teach you how to complete your tasks using the least amount of effort while delivering the maximum output.

Thanh Pham, the founder and director of Asian Efficiency, has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and The Globe and Mail. And he firmly believes that you don’t need to be Asian to be efficient.

Popular Posts on Asian Efficiency

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Get Everything Done

For information on many time management systems

time management blogs: Get Everything Done

Mark Forster, a long-time organization and time management expert, is the writer behind Get Everything Done. The blog advocates Forster’s own method, called Autofocus. It also details a number of other time management systems that appeal to different types of people.

Forster is a retired business coach and has published several books on time management. He’s also active on the forums of Get Everything Done, so you can ask him about time management, organization, and anything else you’d like to know about.

Popular Posts on Get Everything Done

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What are your favorite time management blogs? Do you read these, or prefer others? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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