Will Sipling

Will Sipling

Director of Workforce Transformation and Chief Brand Storyteller

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William Sipling, SHRM-PMQ, DASM, is the Director of Workforce Transformation and Chief Brand Storyteller at Hubstaff. With over thirteen years of experience in communications, media, and leadership, he focuses his interests on labor relations, inclusive HR practices, and organizational development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, two master’s degrees in humanities, and is a doctoral student in business administration. He has also earned credentials and certifications in ethics, DEI, conflict resolution, workplace investigations, marketing, executive coaching, and data analytics. His work on psychology, social thought, and media ecology has been featured in popular and peer-reviewed publications and at conferences at Cambridge, Durham, Notre Dame, and other prestigious institutions.

Will’s colleagues at Hubstaff include Dave Nevogt, Jared Brown, Austin Connolly and Aubrey Nekvinda.

Blog posts written by Will Sipling:

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