Project timeline templates will give you a clear plan for each task, with details about what each project will entail and when things will be completed.

See below for our roundup of the best free downloadable resources we’ve found.

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Downloadable project timeline templates

Project timeline templates for Excel

  • Work plan timeline — Plan your project with specific activities and outcomes in mind. This template features a worksheet that will update your timeline when you enter new data.
  • Timeline with milestones (yellow) — Create a horizontal timeline with project milestones that you can add and track easily.
  • Vertical timeline — This template uses a vertical format to display project phases and milestones, with a start date and end date at the top or bottom.
  • Agile roadmap — Use this template to prioritize various tasks and easily track your projects. This one works like a Kanban board.
  • Scrolling roadmap — Easily prioritize tasks and milestones in this interactive horizontal roadmap.
Project manager filling in details on project timeline templates

Project timeline templates for Word

  • Project timeline — This timeline makes it easy to visualize your project and each task in chronological order. This template produces an attractive document to share with shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Project planning timeline — With this template, you can follow a project over six weeks. It formats the project in a calendar view.

PowerPoint project timeline templates

Project timeline templates for Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides

  • Project timeline template — This is a color-coded Gantt template for Google Sheets. Use the Views functionality to see weekly, monthly, or yearly task dates.
  • Project milestone chart template — Use this timeline to highlight tasks’ start and end dates. You can also see the people assigned to each task and the status of each job.
  • Event marketing timeline template — If you need a template for a marketing project, use this Google Sheets template. Track items such as project phases, media buys, campaign types, and deadlines.
  • Strategic project planning timeline template — Track the progress of your project in this Google Sheets layout, which allows you to hone in on specific tasks and milestones.
  • Annual project timeline template — For projects that take longer than 12 months, use this Google Sheets template to track their progress. It includes a summary view that can give you a complete picture of the project and all related tasks.
  • Project timeline schedule template — This is another Google Sheets template for tracking project progress on a set project schedule. The template allows you to view phases and keep track of any potential influencing factors, such as your allotted budget.
  • Detailed project timeline template — For a more in-depth timeline with rich project details, consider this timeline for Google Sheets. Manage everything from project scope and goals to key performance indicators.
  • Project timeline sample template — Need a project timeline for Google Docs? Try this template, which can help you keep track of all aspects of your project and complete it on time.
  • Multiple project timeline template — Track two or more projects with this Google Docs template. You can establish tasks and deadlines for every project and update risk level and status.
  • 3-month project timeline template — Use this template to track projects every quarter in Google Slides. You can list every subtask in your projects and track progress over time.

What is a project timeline?

Interested in project timelines, but still not quite sure what they’re used for? Here’s a summary.

Team members looking at different project timeline templates

Project timelines are project management tools that present key project information in a visual format. On the timeline, you can see entries such as:

  • Each task
  • The people assigned to each job
  • The estimated amount of time each task will take
  • A project’s total duration
  • Dependencies (when one task blocks another task)
  • And more

Using a project timeline, you can set milestones that mark significant checkpoints in a large project or program. Milestones will keep everyone aligned and help you know your budgets and bandwidth.

One example of a project timeline that many still use today is the Gantt chart, which Henry Gantt popularized in the early 20th century. A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart great for seeing overlapping or concurrent activities. Gantt charts generally have a calendar that runs the length of the chart, so you can see how long tasks will take.

A screenshot of a Gantt chart timeline in Hubstaff Tasks

A Gantt chart is just one of many visual timeline formats you can use. Depending on the project you’re working on, you can use different styles, such as critical path charts or RACI diagrams. Be sure to explore the many options above, to see what works best for you and your team.

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With the help of a project timeline template based on your specific project, you can keep everyone accountable and manage tasks more efficiently. However, you’ll need more than templates to help you with project management. This is where Hubstaff can help.

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