From large organizations to budding startups, team leaders struggle with the complexity of managing multiple projects. Fortunately there are a number of task tracking tools that help you stay on target while keeping team performance high and project costs below budget.

Your task tracking tool is a trustworthy partner in organizing your team’s work. It can help you manage a multitude of projects, responsibilities, and deadlines. With time tracking you can also gain insight into time allocation per tasks and projects.

In this post we review some of these tools that can help you get a better handle on the project management challenges you’re facing.

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An overview of task tracking tools

Tool Description Pricing Devices Supported
Hubstaff Focuses on time and performance tracking for teams. Also comes with randomized screenshots and payment integrations. Basic plan is $5/month/user. Premium is $9/month/user. 14-day trial available. Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android
MeisterTask Based on the Kanban methodology, it also integrates with MindMeister, an online mind-mapping tool. Freemium plan available. Premium is $9/month/user. Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad
Pintask A good alternative to the Kanban-based project management tool Trello. Basic board is free. Mirroring of lists and cards feature is $10/month. Time tracking extension is $15/month. Web-based platform only
Producteev A simple project management solution with all the basic capabilities. Freemium plan available. Premium is $99/month. 14-day trial available. Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android
Wrike Tailored solutions for marketing, creative, project management, and product development teams. Freemium plan available. Premium is $9.80/month/user. Business plan is $24.80/month/user. Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android

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Hubstaff is a time tracking tool that helps increase visibility and productivity in your team. For remote teams and freelancers, it’s a good solution for project management and time allocation needs.

Time tracking on tasks in Hubstaff

Time tracking on tasks in Hubstaff

Hubstaff provides advanced filterable reporting and timesheet/invoice generation. You can keep an eye on the time use of your employees with randomized screenshots and activity level reports. All the data you need is in one place. This means you can focus on what’s important rather than trying to figure out the status of projects.

The tool integrates with Paypal, Payoneer, and Transpay. You can handle basic accounting straight from Hubstaff, plus you can set up automatic recurring payments.


MeisterTask is a functional project management tool based on the agile methodology. You are able to follow your team’s progress with the help of Kanban-style boards.

Task board in Meistertask

The board in MeisterTask

Intuitive task management is done via cards that represent tasks and contain all needed details. Within each task, you can communicate with team members via mentions. This can ease up collaboration on projects.

MeisterTask integrates with Dropbox, GitHub, Zendesk, Box, Bitbucket, and Google Drive so you can easily embed it in your current workflow. It is complemented by MindMeister, which is an online mapping tool you can use for brainstorming.


Pintask is a Kanban-based project management tool that structures your work with boards and cards. Its task management system allows for flexibility and full visibility on projects’ progress.

Task organization in Pintask

The Pintask Kanban board

Just like in Trello and other Kanban-based board tools, you can add checklists, documents, assignees, and deadlines to cards. In Pintask, you can also nest lists within cards and set email reminders to improve efficiency.

Pintask offers a few useful extensions such as mirroring tasks and hands-free time tracking. You can develop your own extensions and add them to the basic board too.


Producteev is a project management tool that offers an elaborate but easy-to-use interface for your team’s work. It arranges your tasks within projects that are nested in your organization’s “network.”

Besides basic functionalities such as to-do lists, you can create tasks that host all needed information for their completion. You can use filters to further enhance task tracking according to project and priority level.

Producteev is designed to improve your team collaboration. It encourages topic-based communication within tasks via the “mention” feature. This allows you to move projects forward within a single tool. You can review the history of actions taken on each task in the Audit Trail.


Wrike is a project management tool with solutions tailored to the needs of marketing, creative, and product teams. It helps you get full visibility on your team work via timelines and a workload view of projects.

Wrike is structured around projects that contain folders, tasks, and subtasks. You can set recurring tasks and duplicate project templates to improve efficiency. You can assess productivity and profitability by tracking time on projects and tasks.

Wrike is also good at helping your team collaborate better. You can communicate directly within tasks by mentioning team members. It synchronizes with your email and calendar so your work gets streamlined in a single place.

Start tracking tasks better

Tracking tasks is a vital element of successfully managing your team’s workflow. Depending on your team’s needs, you can try out the five tools reviewed here for a solid start in project management task tracking.

What’s your favorite task tracking tool that simplifies project management? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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