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No more calculators, rate adjustments and scrambling to get team members to update their activity details for client invoices. Create “no questions asked” invoices that give your clients the whole story including project activity details and time spent.

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Track Paid and Unpaid Invoices

Trying to keep track of outstanding balances is a pain. Hubstaff's invoicing software lets you record payments so you know which clients have paid you and which haven't. Remind clients that haven't paid or download a PDF of the invoice to send a hard copy.

Accurate Invoices with the Push of Button

Hubstaff tracks time and activities against projects so that no detail gets lost in the fray. When you generate an invoice, all activities, tracked time, including taxes and other financial details, get calculated with your rates so that invoice creation is really as easy as pushing a button.

Accurate invoices

Goodbye manual timesheets!

Peter Ng KORE Real Estate

Peter Ng

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Hubstaff has saved us countless hours of time by eliminating the need for manual timesheets. They say don’t work harder, work smarter – with Hubstaff we can work harder and work smarter!


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