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Time Doctor vs Hubstaff

Time Doctor vs.

Hubstaff and Time Doctor are two of the most popular time tracking solutions today. How do they compare?
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Features at a glance

Both Hubstaff and Time Doctor are time tracker apps, and both can help teams be more productive. But when it comes to features, ease of use, and overall cost-effectiveness, which one is the better option?

Feature comparison table

FeatureHubstaff logoTimeDoctor logo
Time TrackingYesYes
Activity monitoringYesYes
Timesheet approvalsYesNo
Project budgetingYesNo
Time offYesNo
ReportingYesYes - Limited
Expense trackingYesNo
GPS trackingYesYes - Android only
Free trial14 days14 days
Free planYesNo

Main features

You’ll see the biggest differences when comparing the main features that Hubstaff and Time Doctor provide.

Hubstaff logoTimeDoctor logo
Supported devices
Hubstaff supports MacOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. You can also track time through the web app or with the Chrome extension.Time Doctor runs on MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. You can track time through your browser with its Chrome app.
Time tracking app
Hubstaff’s UI is minimal and intuitive. Track time in one click, switch to different projects, and view and create tasks within projects using the app.Time Doctor’s interface lets you easily start and stop tracking time and see how much time you have put into your tasks.
Mobile functionality
Hubstaff takes mobile team management to the next level. You can track time and location, view timesheets and schedules, dig into reports, and monitor field teams with its GPS tracking feature. The mobile app can even auto-start and stop using geofenced job sites. While Time Doctor’s mobile app has limited features and looks slightly outdated, it lets you track time to your tasks accurately without any hassle.
Hubstaff’s reporting gives you a deeper look at how your business operates beyond just time and activities. Look into 17 different reports including payments, invoices, project budgets, attendance, job site visits, and more. You can export reports to spreadsheets and PDF files.Time Doctor’s reports can show you hours tracked per day, tasks worked on, and time spent on different apps and websites.
Time off
Managing time off is completely painless with Hubstaff. You can set the amount of time earned for every hour worked, add holidays, and set annual time off balances. Teams can request time off and managers can approve or reject them all from the Hubstaff app.You can mark absent or late days on the schedule as holidays, sick days, or vacation days with Time Doctor, but there’s no option for tracking time off balances and accrual.

Productivity features

When it comes to productivity, these apps have built-in features that can give you insight into how your business operates so you can improve performance.

Hubstaff logoTimeDoctor logo
Activity monitoring
Hubstaff’s activity monitoring feature calculates rates based on keyboard and mouse usage. See exactly how much time your team spends on different apps and websites while they are tracking time so you can get an idea of their working habits.Time Doctor doesn’t provide activity rates but it can track apps and URLs.
Optional screenshots
With Hubstaff’s optional screenshots feature, interrupting work to ask your team for updates is unnecessary. See how they are making progress with random screenshots up to three times every 10 minutes. Or, turn off the features altogether.Time Doctor also has a screenshots feature that captures your team’s computer screen while the time tracker is running.
Hubstaff’s dashboard lets you manage teams, time, and projects from one location. You can customize it with up to 20 different widgets that show you the total number of hours tracked, activity rates, budget spent, timesheets, amounts earned, and more.Time Doctor’s dashboard shows you a summary of your team’s work in three ways: total hours tracked, tasks that the most hours were spent on, and top apps and websites.
Hubstaff has its own Agile project management software, Hubstaff Tasks, which was built to unite team management and time tracking. The app also integrates with over 30 apps including PayPal, Asana, Trello, and more.Time Doctor has over 40 integrations including Salesforce, Evernote, HelpScout, and more.

GPS tracking and geofencing

A time tracking app that can only be used in the office is only half of what most businesses need.

When you’re on-the-go or if your team is busy working in the field, remembering to track time — let alone tracking to the right project — can be difficult. This can cause your business to lose a substantial amount of money due to untracked billable hours.

This is where geofencing comes in.

Hubstaff’s geofencing feature lets you set up an unlimited number of job sites and add the right team members to each one. Geofenced job sites automate the process by starting and stopping the timer from the mobile app as a team member arrives or leaves a location.

It’s so easy to focus on work when you don’t need to worry about whether your billable hours are being tracked.

In addition to geofencing, Hubstaff can also record location and routes from the mobile app for fleet tracking.

Unfortunately, Time Doctor doesn’t have a geofencing feature, meaning you have to manually track time to your projects

Pricing information

HubstaffTime Doctor
Has a free plan with basic features, which is perfect for solo freelancers.No free plan.
The Basic plan comes with 1 integration, 24-hour support, and per user settings — suited for teams of 10 persons and below. Starts at $5.83 per user monthly.The Business plan includes all productivity tracking features, payments and integrations, and support. Starts at $10 per user monthly.
The Premium plan includes all productivity features, payroll and invoicing, unlimited integrations, and GPS features. Great for office, remote, and field teams. Starts at $8.33 per user monthly.The Enterprise plan includes all of the Business plan’s features, plus additional ones like video screen captures and client login access. Starts at $20 per user monthly.
For larger businesses and field teams, the Enterprise plan has additional features like unlimited job sites and VIP support. Starts at $16.67 per user monthly.Free trial for 14 days.
Free trial for 14 days.
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Who are these tools for?

If you’re looking for a productivity solution for office teams, either of the two will get the job done. But if you’re the owner or manager of a remote or mobile business, only Hubstaff has the features you need.

Here are some of the industries that can streamline operations with Hubstaff:

  • Construction
  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Architecture
  • Software development
  • Agencies
  • E-commerce

With Hubstaff’s time tracking, invoicing, and geofencing features, managing remote and mobile teams has never been easier.

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