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Hubstaff employee time tracking
Keep track of employee hours, projects, and tasks
Automate time and attendance tracking
Intuitive mobile, desktop, and web time tracking apps
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How employee time tracking works

  1. Your team gets the Hubstaff app

    Employees can use Hubstaff’s Chrome extension or download the Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone apps to track their time.
  2. They track time to tasks and projects

    Your team can start tracking time with one click. Time can be tracked toward specific tasks, projects, work orders, clients, or locations.
  3. Use time reports to gain crucial insight

    Hubstaff’s time reports provide helpful data on specific tasks and projects so you can streamline your workflows, create better estimates, and get projects done on time.

Cut down on team management time

Get more from your time management software

Asana integration setup

Track project hours and budgets

Create project budgets based on hours, bill rates, or pay rates. Set up alerts and receive notifications when you're close to going over budget.

Pay teams and keep track of billable hours

Set up manual or automated payments to pay your team for their time. Use the PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and Bitwage integrations to send payments from Hubstaff.

Manage time off requests

Create vacation and time off policies. View balances at a glance and approve or reject time off requests.

Built to help you track time accurately


Automated reminders ensure your team doesn’t forget to track their time.

Idle time detection

Detect when team members go idle and send alerts to stop tracking or reassign time.

Manual time entries

Add time entries manually to account for offline work.

Time off management

View time off balances and approve or reject time-off requests from a central dashboard.

Team scheduling

Plan and schedule shifts and track team attendance.

Over 30 integrations

Connect Hubstaff to your existing apps, including Quickbooks, Trello, and more.

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Brad Edward / Founder of Spekless

I love that I can see the number of hours worked by each employee that week, and then use that information to pay them through a PayPal integration with Hubstaff.

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