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Is Hubstaff an Elance Alternative?

Elance offers time tracking for contract workers and remote teams. If you're looking for an Elance alternative, see how Hubstaff compares side by side. You'll see why more teams are switching to Hubstaff.

See how they stack up - one on one

Hubstaff and Elance Features Comparison

Hubstaff and Elance have many similarities, so how do you know which to use for your team? See how Hubstaff stands out in terms of time tracking features.

Hubstaff vs Elance Time Tracking Comparison

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Activity Levels

Unlimited Projects

Automatic Payroll

Multi-currency Support

Screenshot Blur

Screenshot Frequency

Flat Rate Pricing



Hubstaff makes it easy to streamline your workflow by integrating with project management, CRM, and help desk services. Hubstaff integrations allow you to track time directly to tasks at the services you already use. Your team will get more done and you'll have a much clearer picture about what they are working on and how long it takes them. View all of Hubstaff's integrations.

Time tracking integrations

Easy Pricing

Elance's price structure can seem attractive at first, but it adds up over time - especially if you have a large or talented team. Elance takes a percentage of every payment, so the more you pay your team, the more expensive your time tracking is. With Hubstaff, you can pay your team without worrying about percentages being tacked on. See Hubstaff's flat rate pricing plans.

Elance vs Hubstaff

The Verdict

For small and large teams alike, Hubstaff offers better features, more affordable pricing, and integrations with the services you already use.

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"Hubstaff helped me triple my income almost immediately."
Jean-Pierre Khoueiri, Miami, Florida
"Hubstaff is the best tool for tracking and managing time that I've ever used."
Afton Negrea, Owner, We Know Social
"Hubstaff provides for us all the necessary solutions for tracking our team's work and getting paid on time."
Charles Delfs, Calgary, Canada