Basecamp Classic time tracking

  • Track time on Basecamp Classic to-dos
  • View all assigned to-dos and due dates
  • Automatic payroll and work reports
  • Also works with standard Basecamp
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Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting

Time tracking app for Basecamp Classic

Easily view to-dos and track time to them
Hubstaff's easy to use desktop application can pull down assigned Basecamp Classic to-dos. Your team can view their to-dos and due dates, making it easy for them to prioritize their work. They can click a to-do to view its description, track time to it, and even mark it as complete when they are finished.
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Active Collab desktop timer
Easy to setup
  • Select Basecamp Classic
  • Use your API token
  • Link projects and users
Track time on to-dos
  • Pull down assigned to-dos
  • Track time to a specific to-do
  • Time is posted to Basecamp Classic
Timesheets and payments
  • Time is automatically logged
  • Add, edit, or remove time
  • Pay your team automatically or manually
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basecamp_classic time tracking with screenshots

Screenshots of Basecamp Classic to-dos

With Hubstaff you can see exactly what your team is working on when they are handling their Basecamp Classic to-dos. You can set the app to capture 1, 2, or 3 random screenshots every 10 minutes. You'll also see how active they were during their time worked. The Hubstaff app installs on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Hubstaff and Basecamp Classic are a perfect match

Automatic to-do syncing
Your teams' to-dos will sync automatically after setting up the integration with your API token.
Make prioritizing work easy
Overdue Basecamp Classic to-dos are highlighted in red so your team knows what to focus their time on. They can also hide completed to-dos.
Simple and minimal
The Hubstaff app only has the features your team needs so they can quickly pick it up and start using it.

Basecamp Classic to-do time tracking made easy

basecamp classic time tracking
View all to-dos
Any assigned to-do can be viewed and have time tracked against it in the Hubstaff app.
basecamp classic time entries
Automatic time entries
Time logged on to-dos through Hubstaff is posted back to your Basecamp Classic account.
time tracking options
Time tracking options
Control screenshot frequency, toggle activity levels, and edit time entries manually.

Basecamp Classic reports

Easily access all your data
All time tracked through the Hubstaff app is automatically stored and easily accessible whenever you need it. You can filter the reports by user or date and see the different to-dos that your team has spent time on. You can also see the exact amount of time they've spent on their to-dos. The reports can be exported to quickbooks, downloaded as a PDF, or emailed to a list of contacts. Seeing how much time your team spends working on different projects and to-dos has never been simpler.
time reporting for basecamp classic
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